Jan 102014

It’s about changing white fat to brown fat

Have you ever thought about the fact that you have brown fat and white fat in your body?

According to the “Exercise Promotes “Good” Fat” article in the September 2013 IDEA Fitness Journal, brown fat is thought to be metabolically active in that it helps burn calories and may ward against weight gain and diabetes. New research shows that exercise can increase the body’s “good” fat. This too is another wonderful reason to get up and moving!

It’s not just about Losing weight it’s about not Gaining weight

Figure 1 Celebrate your success

As a Personal Trainer, I find that there is so much focus on losing weight, but what if you’ve lost weight and not put it back on – I would call that a success. Sure, maybe you’d like to lose even more weight but holding steady and letting your lifestyle catch up to your current weight and stabilize is – what I would call another success. Be proud of your journey!!!

What if, you are changing your white fat to brown fat which is more metabolically active but the results aren’t showing up quickly enough on the scale…do you abandon your exercise routine? Does the scale dictate your exercise and healthy living adventure or can you step back and feel great knowing that perhaps you won’t end up with more weight gain or diabetes?

Being in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I know that the majority of people want to lose weight (whether it’s 50lbs or 5lbs), but let’s celebrate the success of making healthy lifestyle choices, adding movement into our days and being grateful for the magnificence of our body.

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What successes are you celebrating???


To your health,


Tanya Morrison