Jan 142014

How to avoid Nighttime eating when you know you are NOT hungry!

I know you aren’t munching on lettuce during your t.v. viewing or when you are sneaking those night time snacks.  Question is, are you even hungry or is it just a mindless habit that is causing weight gain or sabotaging your weight loss efforts?


We all know that we shouldn’t be eating anti-nutrient snacks, so step up and become conscious of what you are doing.  Get honest with yourself about this habit.

Here are a few really quick and easy tips:

  1. Floss and brush your teeth after dinner – who wants to do that again 🙂
  2. Place cut up veggies and place them in front of you- nighttime eating is usually when the consumption of “BAD” food enters our bodies. If you don’t want to drink a smoothie or munch on veggies you probably aren’t hungry. And hey, if you are trying to break this habit gently, eat the goodness of real food and then take the next step of not “noshing” when you are not hungry.
  3. Journal – why are you eating? Emotional, avoidance – this may be painful but very beneficial to uncover your reasons. Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans e-book is a great resource and may be a great start for you to uncover these issues and get you on the right path to living healthy in your skinny jeans!
  4. Drink water with lemon, tea, chia  etc
  5. Find another activity that won’t allow you to eat mindlessly! How about a few deeps breaths.
  6. If you are hungry, perhaps you are not eating enough during the day. Have an honest look at your daily eating habits – become a “health detective”- and see what changes you could make. Also, check out  True vs. Toxic Hunger – this was “eye-opening” for me!

Mindless nighttime eating is just that – mindless.  It adds extra-unwanted calories into your body resulting in extra padding or FAT!

If you’re not hungry- food won’t fix it.


What suggestions do you have to avoid night time “noshing”, “binge-ing”, “sabotage”???

Here’s to a healthy year!