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Cancer Prevention Tips

“I wear my sunglasses at night” lyrics by Billy Idol


While reading Cancer is Not a Disease by Andreas Moritz, I learned that perhaps this is the best time to wear sunglasses, if at all!

The wonderful ultraviolet light from the sun is one of the most powerful natural medicines the world has ever seen and one way we are blocking it is by wearing sunglasses (and sunscreen and staying indoors, and wearing clothes – you get the point).

By the year 1933, researchers found there were over 165 different diseases (almost every type of cancer, diabetes, hypertension and tuberculosis) for which sunlight proved to be a beneficial treatment but the sun’s healing rays were ineffective if a patient was wearing sunglasses. WHY? Sunglasses block out important rays of the light spectrum which the body requires for essential biological functions.

UV rays in sunlight actually stimulate the thyroid gland to increase hormone production, which in turn increases the body’s metabolic rate which assists in weight loss and improved muscle development. So get yourself some sun sans the sunglasses and sunscreen but don’t be a silly and fry yourself…use some common sense.

Read more pgs 90-98 in Cancer is Not a Disease


 teeth products liv lib


Can using this toothbrush and rinsing with this really decrease your risk of cancer?

Data collected between 1986 and 2002 found that men with gum disease had a 63% higher chance of getting pancreatic cancer, even if they’d never smoked. It is believed that gum disease is a sign of increased inflammation and is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory issues and lung infections.

Two simple tips:

1)      Rinse and swish with salt water several times per day is usually enough to prevent and reverse gun disease and simple enough to do! (Use sea salt or Himalayan salt)

2)      Use a Soladey toothbrush (I have been using one for years and bought is at Living Libations along with their natural teeth and skin products – love them!!!)

Why a Soladey toothbrush?

  • Clinically proven to eliminate more plaque than a regular toothbrush, even without the use of toothpaste and floss
  • Soladey features a titanium oxide metal rod which creates a natural ionic chemical reaction that separates the plaque from your teeth enamel and also removes stains (oh, yeah, whiter teeth baby, without the harsh teeth whitening chemicals!!)

Read more pgs 88-90 in Cancer is Not a Disease

EXERCISE….I know, but I had to bring it up because it really is THAT important!

tall woman stretching

Exercise is a BENEFIT to preventing cancer and also one of the best ways to combat treatment-related fatigue is you are currently undergoing chemotherapy.

  • Cancer cells are oxygen deprived cells that don’t want oxygen…BAM…along comes exercise which floods your body with oxygen and cancer cells die with oxygen…make sense?
  • Exercise also improves your immune response

Beneficial Exercise Tips

  • If you have cancer don’t do strenuous exercise.  Light walking, stretching, pilates and yoga are wonderful additions to your week. Try this beautiful relaxing routine – Wild at Heart or some stretching
  • If you exercised before cancer keep it simple while undergoing treatments and if you didn’t exercise before cancer keep it simple while undergoing treatments!

Don’t know where to start?…contact Tanya at info@moveyourbody.ca  and we can put together a treatment plan for any current disease or prevention of any disease.

Read more pgs 186-187 in Cancer is Not a Disease


I can’t rest…I’ve got to get this done!!

baby with rose

Your immune system needs SLEEP!!! Eight to nine hours in complete darkness. A weak immune system CANNOT keep your body clean inside which results in congestion and threatens cellular life.

Your body is a beautifully well oiled machine that wants to be in perfect health.  It has circadian rhythms that keep your body working optimally but that we often ignore or just don’t know about.

If you continually go to bed after 10pm you will enforce a hormonal shift in your body that can lead to chaotic conditions in your body. The secretion of melatonin (one of the pineal gland’s most powerful hormones) starts between 9:30pm-10:30pm (depending on age), inducing sleepiness. If you ignore your internal clock, you throw this and many other hormonal cycles out of balance.   The pineal gland controls:

  • Reproduction
  • Sleep and motor activity
  • Blood pressure
  • The immune system
  • The pituitary and thyroid glands
  • Cellular growth
  • Body temperature and many other vital functions

I know I’ve had my share of late nights and will do my very best to honor my body and put it to sleep earlier and to rise earlier. If you rise around 6am-7am (and went to bed around 10pm), then you are following a natural sleep/wake cycle. If you are getting out of bed after 8am-9am then you are messing with your elimination cycle (constipation anyone??). Waste material that accumulated in your rectum and bladder wants to be eliminated between 6-8am. If you are sleeping in because you went to bed too late, this waste is held instead of eliminated and perhaps even partly reabsorbed. Check out the Busy Mama Detox Program which will give you tips to Detox you bedtime routine and so much more!

Read more pgs 179-183 in Cancer is Not a Disease


Cancer does not pop into you like a mushroom popping out of the ground.  Cancer is the result of many crises of toxicity including:

  • Stimulants
  • Emotional trauma
  • Repressed emotions
  • An irregular lifestyle
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Overeating
  • Stress reactions
  • A lack of deep sleep
  • Lack of sunshine
  • Accumulation of heavy metals and exposure to chemicals

By learning how to properly care for our bodies we can reduce cells from manifesting into oxygen deprived cells leading to disease. Take charge of your health…without it nothing matters…ask a dead person! Start by incorporating these 4 easy tips!!!

To detox your cells, join the Busy Mama Detox 12 week online program that runs in April, September and January…click here for more details or go to www.busymamadetox.com

Busy Mama Fall Program 2014 poster

For more information on how to feed your cells check out Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness – Your Guide to Juicing and Blending.

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Bundle and SAVE

What cancer prevention tips do you have to share?? Love to hear from you on my moveyourbody facebook page or right here!!

Love, laughter and light,