Jul 032014

Take it Outside! Need a change of scenery?  The outdoors is a wonderful playground! Add some of these great outdoor exercises the next time you need to get your heart rate up!!

1. Pick up a piece of firewood and find an incline and run!

2. Get your TRX, a tree branch, engage your core and pull using your back muscles. Kids can add extra joy.

3. Find a rock or ledge and jump or step up to increase your heart rate

4. Get a weighted ball, a group of friends and toss it around! Add squats or lunges to increase the intensity.

5. Push ups can be done ANYWHERE with ANYBODY! Engage your core and your pecs- change the speed, knees or toes, feet up on a rock..let your imagine run free!!  Skipping! An amazing exercise that can be done almost anywhere!

6. Get low by bending knees and flip tire 10 to 100 times. Focus on core strength and the power of your legs! TIP: Don’t lift with your back.

log runTRX back rowstep upsball tosspushupsskippingtire

CONSISTENCY is the key to your success……enjoy your great workout. For more ideas, join the Classes at Move Your Body Studio to keep you fit, active and living the healthiest life that you will. Check out www.moveyourbody.ca for class schedules.

Whether an outside or inside workout, see why you need to get your heart rate up to not only burn fat, but get younger and healthier!- check out this article Get outta bed – Saturday classes and HGH

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