Sep 012014

It’s time for the grocery cart challenge….

grocery cart with running shoes

Step one – Notice what you are choosing to put in your grocery cart.

Maybe you aren’t ready to let go of some of your processed food items, if so, ask yourself WHY?

Take pictures or at least notice the variety of colours in your cart.

Read labels of everything that goes in your cart…it may not end up in there!

Step two – Limit your cart to 5 or less processed food items

Get picky about what you choose to feed your cells and the cells of your family.

Step three – Where do you buy your food from?

ü  Do you support your local farmers who are raising grass fed beef, bison, chickens etc.?

ü  Do you buy your eggs from a local farmer?

ü  Do you support your famer’s market?

ü  Do you visit your local health food store?

ü  Do you grow your own food in a garden?

ü  Do you sprout?

Step four – Notice any justifications or excuses for the items that you are choosing to put into your cart, which will then go in your mouth..

Is there a healthier choice?

Can I make this from scratch?

Why am I buying it?

Processed foods are too attractive and easy to buy.  If you really want a cake, cookies or other “fatty snack”, make it.  Add love into the process and use real ingredients.


Here is my grocery cart for April 22, 2014.

It wasn’t a big shop today, but 2 loaves of rye bread found their way into my cart.  I must say it is sometimes super hard to not be drawn in by the sales and the recent Easter Candy.

grocery cart

  • The berries and pears will be used for morning fruit or smoothies
  • Bananas will be used with the plain organic yogurt I already have at home with maple syrup (after school snack for my kids.)
  • Oranges will be juiced or eaten whole or used as part of a salad dressing or marinade
  • Green peppers for an omelet later this week and raw veg at some meal
  • Broccoli as a side with wild organic salmon and millet tonight for dinner and as a side at another meal.  I will juice the stems.
  • Squashes because they were on sale and I will either make a butternut soup or have them as a meal
  • Cherry Tomatoes for the Millet Salad I am making for my lunches mixed with lettuce and other greens that I have at home and a Kale- Quinoa Salad that I made.
  • Ginger for smoothies, marinades, tea

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