Mar 122015

Revive your Resolutions….act like its January 1st again.


I’m not one for making New Year’s Resolutions but I do like to keep improving my habits. Since our habits reflect what we do in a day….remember we are all just habits strung together. I want to make sure my habits are in line with my goals of living a healthy life, being strong & independent, keeping my mind sharp, having fun, and being calm and centered.


We get caught up in dates (like January 1st) sometimes and we go full throttle and make too many changes, too quickly. Unfortunately, we also have an “all or nothing” attitude, so after we have exhausted our will power trying to maintain all of the things we want to do, we tend to let things fall by the wayside. Typically, we are in the same routine by about mid-February. So now, it’s mid-March, who says you can’t start today? Continue reading »