Apr 092015

Thirsty Thursday – Get your Vitamin C Booster Smoothie

Does this ever happen to you…. I sat down to type this blog and then I got sidetracked!!!

How did I get side tracked? My “busy mama” day unfolded like this….From clients, to classes, to tapping sessions, to picking up dog food, getting mail, going to the bank, making meatballs, getting dinner ready, looking at the empty granola jar knowing that I need to make more, to trying this smoothie so that I could taste test it first before I posted it – and it’s a good one, to dog walking, picking up a kid and going to the dentist, then hockey….and now…a week later….sitting here preparing this blog so that you can enjoy this fabulous smoothie packed with a punch of Goodness and loaded with Vitamin C. Continue reading »