Jun 212015

Your lifestyle choices, your sleep, your diet and stress level have the ability to turn “on” or “off” your genes which can point you in the direction of health or disease.


This exciting new field is called Epigenetics – simply meaning that you can influence your genes by what you put in your mouth and how you think (very simplified)

Researchers at the Stanford Prevention Research Center found that of the trillions of dollars spent on health care annually; at least 50% goes towards chronic disease that is totally preventable or even reversible with lifestyle changes.



Are you EMPOWERED by this knowledge???

Yes? No? Hey, I know, you just want looser fitting pants and the scale moving south…I want those things for you too, but I also want you to feel fantastic, to have energy to spare, to feel empowered so that you can choose where you want to be.

 Every cell replaces itself with a new cell…your body builds a new: Continue reading »