Oct 252015

It’s time to have fun with your tea towel. Working out/exercising needs to be “fun” as studies have shown that we will find “fun” elsewhere usually in for form of food!!!

Check out my tea towel video for some great tips that you can do at home to get yourself moving!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3b3LU_U8sM


Here’s a little more about Hedonic Compensation…enjoy Moving, it’s what we are made to do!!


PS – Busy Mama Detox Tip – Just another reason to add fish oil to your morning routine… Fish oil signals genes in the brain to produce a chemical that keeps Alzheimer’s disease at bay. People who take fish oil have better cognitive function as they age, relative to those who don’t take fish oil. Dietary omega-3s, especially fish oils, increase fat breakdown.

Hedonic compensation

You might know the term “hedonism”, which refers to the pursuit of pleasure.

The theory of hedonic compensation suggests that if we feel like we “lose out” on pleasure in one area, we look to compensate for it elsewhere. (Thus, the thought process of “I’ve had a lousy day; I deserve a treat.”)

In 2014, researchers explored three different studies that help to show why exercise alone doesn’t usually produce weight loss.

In these studies, they found that perceiving a physical activity as “fun”, rather than “exercise” meant that:

  • People chose less junk food during meals.
  • People ate less candy when offered a snack from a self-serve container.
  • People chose “healthy” snacks more often than “unhealthy” snacks.

In other words, because exercise is not seen as fun, people compensate by finding fun elsewhere.

What they learned

Study #1
Thinking of movement as “exercise” instead of “fun” makes people get more of their calories from sugary desserts. Continue reading »