Nov 132015

That “person” who’s “got it all together”….doesn’t.

You see, the world is full of imperfect, wonderful, messy, very-much-human beings with…

…hopes and fears and desires and neuroses, …and jobs and lives and kids and dogs or cats, …and family demands, …and toilets that need unclogging, …and lines-becoming-wrinkles, …and hangnails, …and alarms that go off too early, …and a love of chocolate-chip cookies, …and all the rest of reality.

Like you.

Like me.

Which means that Everyone is NOT okay. But it also means that Everyone is probably GOING TO BE okay.

Ladies, do you have a “THAT” woman in mind, who fits into all her clothes; rocks Lululemon leggings and skinny jeans…even after having three angelic children?


“That” woman is at your kids’ school picking up her well-groomed offspring. Continue reading »