Dec 282015

pants coming offPeel off your extra layers and drop a pant size…..Fat is extra energy stored on your body. Sure we all need some fat, but too much weighs you down & makes you sick.

Here are 5 Quick Tips that I use to drop it fast.


  1. I drink 8 cups of water daily to help flush out my fat. Water improves my natural calorie-burning metabolism. I squeeze a lemon into it too, to further flush out toxins.
  2. If you can’t see the junk, you won’t eat the junk. Out of sight is out of mind. ‘nuff said.
  3. I’m increasing my greens and fibre which further helps to free the fat from my body. It cuts my cravings and keeps me full longer. When my cells are fed with nutrient dense choices, cravings truly disappear…no willpower needed. Each and every day I flood my body with 30 – 40 vine-ripened, non-gmo, fruits and vegetables that help me naturally shed weight. You can pick yours up here
  4. Earn & control my carbs. To drop fat, carbs need to be eaten 1-2 hours after my workouts. No if, ands or buts. My complex carbs can be enjoyed anytime (greens, vegetables), but sweet fruits, breads, rice, oats, etc. are earned.
  5. Move my Body. Balanced workouts have been added to my schedule to reduce my body fat. Weights & intervals are key plus adding extra walking & relaxation to reduce cortisol levels to reach my goal.

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