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Winter 3 Day Body Replenisher

antioxidant potassium BMD 3 day detox soup

Winter detoxing is a little different than a Spring detox. At this time of year your body is craving warmth which requires eating warmer foods and we are typically hungrier. However, when we eat more, we keep our bodies in a continual digesting mode which takes energy away from detoxing and other necessary functions and makes us more vulnerable to getting sick.

So how can we make the most of detoxing in the winter cooler months?

  1. Wear warmer clothing and wear socks as energy leaves through our extremities.
  2. Take hot showers or baths
  3. Have Infra-red sauna sessions
  4. Cozy up with a great book or herbal tea in front of the fire
  5. Trade in your cooler smoothies for warming broths and soups
  6. To further activate detoxification do hot/cold hydrotherapy. When you are in the shower do 1 minute hot to 30 seconds warm or cold for a few minutes. Have a hot tub? Get in and then out, in and out!!!
  7. Drink water at room temperature.
  8. Warm detox lemonade to start your day
  9. Include warming spices in your meals, cinnamon, cloves, ginger etc.
  10. Enjoy the Antioxidant-Potassium Broth and this 3 Day Winter Detox developed by Busy Mama Detox

 Three Day Winter Busy Mama Detox

Listen to your body and feed it when you are hungry. You decide how much food you need based on your activity level & your goals. See Food and the Chakras section at the end to further deepen your connection to your energy (vibration)…those reading the blog..please email me tanya@moveyourbody.ca  for your complimentary PDF copy including all recipes and chakra information.


Day One

Upon rising

Glass of room temperature water

Glass of warm detox lemonade

Mug of herbal tea


Chai Gingerbread Shake


Mug of herbal tea

Detox Lemonade


Antioxidant-Potassium Broth


Mug of herbal tea


Kale & Sweet Potato Warming Salad with Almond Sauce


Almond Turmeric Latte
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