Mar 202016

Busy Mama Muffin Dilemma

So I went at Tim Hortons the other day, it was that or sit at an arena. I had been running around all day in the dreary days of a grey and cold winter day and I was having that afternoon crash.

I’m not a regular at Tim Hortons which is evidenced by the fact that it took me about 5 minutes to order my cup of tea. Anyway this afternoon crash prompted a stare down between me and the muffin display. The “afternoon crash” voice inside my head was all over me having a sugary muffin that would take me on a sugar ride and pump me up, up, up. The voice of “afternoon crash reason” knew this was not the right choice because it reminded me of the eminent sugar crash & the unfulfilling pleasure I would receive from a factory made muffin. Continue reading »