May 292016

20160524_081532_resizedIt took two years for my wife and I to make the call that would change our lives. We kept asking Cheryl (a regular at Move Your Body Studio and Tanya’s Busy Mama Programs) for Tanya’s number. I, Doug, was scared to call but one day after eating yet another super-sized bag of chips in my truck after a long day’s work, I looked at Tanya’s number and worked up enough courage and I gave her a call. I was tired of feeling tired and my pants and shirts were getting so TIGHT.  Cheryl had said, “If you want change, Tanya’s your gal”. And was she right! This was the BEST call I’ve ever made! Continue reading »

May 262016

If I don’t share this I’m not doing my job!

For those of you that know me, I ooze a passion for health. I wasn’t always healthy but over the years, bit by bit, I have added healthy habits to my life and I am honestly floating with all the energy I have. My skin is clearer, I’m getting younger every day, my hair is shiny, my nails are growing quickly, I CRAVE green (I used to crave sugar), my workouts are better (because of decreased cellular inflammation) and on and on! And it’s not just me….scroll down to see what else is happening to people. Continue reading »

May 252016

Post Exercise Nutritionbusy mama juggle

The precise nutritional choices before, during and after a workout depend upon what activity you did, for you long and at what intensity. It can also depend on what your goals are!

To keep this simple, refueling after a workout is a smart idea. It is the best time to eat any starchy carbohydrates because your glycogen stores have been reduced (glycogen is a major fuel source during a workout). Having a green smoothie with protein is a great option or a sweet potato and a protein choice. Continue reading »

May 222016

Why my kids don’t have a cell phone

My kids don’t have a cell phone, because frankly, they can’t afford it. As a parent this is an excellent teaching tool. As you’ve read in my previous blog, Why my kids get $40 a month”, I am teaching my kids how to save and manage money. A cell phone with a monthly bill is a great example of what it would feel like when they buy a car, or a house. It’s not that I can’t afford to buy them a phone, it’s that I want them to understand what it feels like to buy it themselves, save up for the monthly plan, etc. Continue reading »

May 192016

 What’s on Your Plate?busy mama juggle


Are you confused about much you are supposed to eat and when?  Here are 3 examples to help you feel more comfortable at meal times when it comes to putting food on your plate. Depending on your goals you may wish to eat off a dinner plate or a side plate for portion control. Continue reading »

May 182016

busy mama juggle11 Tips To Support Your Busy Mama Cleansing

Water is your friend!! Drink up and stay hydrated to support getting those toxins out. Dehydration traps toxins in the body and closes down elimination channels. Add lemon for a boost to cleansing your liver.

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May 152016

James financesWhy this busy mama gives her kids $40 a month

This is a gift that my father gave me when I was about nine years old that I will be forever grateful for. The lesson he taught me was how to manage my money. I have been doing this with my kids since they were about 9-10 years old and they have enjoyed getting and spending the money! They have also learned some wonderful lessons about managing money and at times, how easy it is to spend money but how it sucks to have to then take it out of the appropriate column! Continue reading »

May 122016

Save 50,000 Calories a Year

I’m always asked in my Nutritional Coaching & Personal Training business, does it really make a difference if I do something small. Seriously, how can 10 push-ups or ten sit-ups or five minutes of meditation or drinking an extra glass of water, or a walk around the block, going to make any difference in my life or for my health?


Well I have some surprising facts for you to reflect on.

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May 082016

Smoothie Money Saving Tip

I love having an abundance of green in my fridge! But sometimes I can’t eat it fast enough! That’s when I discovered that I can freeze everything.

When you have a bounty of greens in your vegetable garden, use this technique to enjoy the greens all year long (bye bye, waste). Continue reading »

May 062016

Quick Question 

 I have a quick question for you.

I have been hearing a lot of the same comments lately that make me realize that MANY people struggle in the same area.

 So let me ask you this – How are you REALLY doing?  

– Are you feeling frustrated and discouraged about your weight loss efforts?

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