May 012016

orchard-and-garden-blends.imgFueling your body has never been easier.

Bridge the gap & offer you and your family nutritional protection.

From organic garden to capsule – real whole food supplementation.

A great health insurance for you and your family.

Free products for your kids

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May 012016

Getting off the Sugar

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I am asked. How can I stop eating sugar?

Many people think because they are not eating “candy” that they are not eating sugar. That’s not TRUE. Sugar lurks everywhere and we are eating & drinking way too much of it.

Besides the obvious – sugar and anything ending in “ose” or artificial sweeteners or anything sweet (expect stevia – which is an herb). You’re an intelligent person – you know where sugar is!!! Breads, pasta, juice, pop, alcohol, pastries, muffins, packaged & prepared foods, oatmeal, chips, potatoes, some fruits and veggies, condiments and on & on (just in case I left any out). Continue reading »