Dec 312016

facebook-ad-3Hard to believe, but here we are at the end of another year. I hope 2016 was a great one for you!

I’m at home right now, enjoying family time with Glen and the kids, I mean teenagers. Where did all those years go?
I know this is the time when we start thinking about what we want to achieve for the year ahead, and revisit our goals and aspirations.
I like to set goals for my personal life and my business, and even though I generally do this on a regular basis, I get excited about what feels like a fresh start in January. It just feels like a clean slate, don’t you think?

Last year I had too many goals and as I result I was pulled in too many directions. I felt like I didn’t achieve what I set out to achieve.

So, I read about setting goals and loved the idea about choosing one word for your goal and that would be the theme of the year. This keeps you focused, grounded and on track. Continue reading »

Dec 272016

cookie-dough-cover-pagePart Three – Cookie Dough in the Dark

To read part one click- My Sugar Addiction, Part Two Sugar Addiction & Self-Punishment


It’s Not About the Food


When I went to The University of Western Ontario at age 19, I lived at Saugeen Maitlain Residence and I got the smallest meal plan possible. Again, I was just focusing on the food and lacked the education about nutrients, how to deal with stress and my emotions and to be honest, making sure I didn’t put on weight. Isn’t it natural to drink and eat a lot at university – or is that my normal? I’m sure with all the drinking and eating I did I still gained some freshman pounds. To be honest, I don’t remember. Continue reading »

Dec 252016

Merry Christmas.

May your day be filled with light, laughter, family and fun. May you be immersed in the present moment.

If this time of year is not filled with happiness or you are going through something difficult, I’m sending you so much love and healthy hugs today so please hold this in your heart.

Healthy Hugs and Thank you for all being a part of my life,



Dec 232016

cookie-dough-cover-pagePart Two – Cookie Dough in the Dark

To read part one click- My Sugar Addiction


For some strange reason, I learned that when I was throwing up, the acid from the bile rots your teeth and can rot the lining of your throat and apparently that was enough to make me stop. So I did. There may have been a few times after this, say a 6-month period, that I would indulge in this behavior, but it was very few and far between. It has definitely not had a place in my life in the last 25 plus years. I knew I had to learn to deal with what I put in my mouth and not jeopardize my health. Continue reading »

Dec 132016

cookie-dough-cover-pageChapter ONE of Cookie Dough in the Dark:

A Personal Trainer’s Addiction to Sugar


My Teenage Years


I think we’re all like suitcases.


We each have a different exterior – maybe we’re sleek and shiny, or maybe we’ve been on several long and difficult journeys and look a little worn and dented. But you can’t tell what’s inside the suitcase just by judging its outside. For me, my suitcase hid a lot of garbage – shame, anger, disappointment, discouragement, and disgust. But you would never know by looking at the exterior.


Reflecting back, my earliest memory of trying to lose weight was taking fiber pills so that I would stop eating excessively. But as I recall I don’t think I ate any less, I just obsessed about my weight even more. I didn’t have one ounce of knowledge about how to lose weight effectively. Throw in being about 13 years old, with raging hormones, and all the teenage questions for which I had with no answers. Where could I turn when my parents were lost in their own world of a bad marriage? Continue reading »

Dec 012016

During the holidays, it’s tempting to throw your workouts to the side (and the healthy eating too) with the promise to start again in the New Year.Move your body class shots (11)

You may be travelling more, attending more food-oriented gatherings, drinking more and frantically shopping so it can make it tough to keep up with your physical activity.

It’s an incredibly busy time of year so it’s easy to make the excuses to put off exercising. Instead of stopping all together, shift into maintenance mode.

You have worked so hard to gain the positive benefits such as more energy, better sleeps, weight loss or maintenance, and overall better health that it’s a shame to throw that to the side (exercise also keeps us better on track for healthy eating!!), instead use these tips as exercise is a valuable tool to get you through the challenges of the holiday season.


Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are high risk time for packing on the pounds. A nibble here and a sip there can really add up over the upcoming weeks.

Exercise burns calories and maintains your muscle mass so schedule in your workouts for the month of December now. It’s also a great way to carve out some time for yourself.

Plus when you work out you make better choices when it comes to eating.

With parking lots full, choose a spot far away from the store and take the opportunity to get some extra steps into your day with some fresh air!

What you schedule you will do. As someone once said, “Show me your day timer and it will tell all.”


Holiday Stress

So much to do. Feeling OVERWHEMLED.

Exercise promotes the release of hormones that improve mood and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Schedule some yoga, Pilates, stretching, rolling, meditation and breathing into your December.

When you feel the panic and overwhelm brewing, connect with your breath and practice present moment awareness. We only have this moment!!



The shorter days make you want to cover up with a blanket by the fire or in front of the TV with some simple carb munchies! The shorter colder days can also lead to varying degrees of seasonal depression.

Exercise can reduce symptoms of depression and elevate mood. Adding a daylight walk allows you to soak in some Vitamin D and boost your happiness levels. It’s also a great way to clear your head and relieve stress.



The holidays can throw off your routine. Typically that means our food quality decreases, intake increases, exercise dwindles and then you are not sleeping properly, your energy levels start to decline and your waistbands get tight!

Exercise is the catalyst to keep you on schedule. You will eat better, sleep better, have more energy and be centered each day.

Be proactive and schedule your activities into your month now. Here are some amazing classes for you to choose from.

Excuses are excuses. You will do what is important to you.

sittingTanya Morrison has been in the Health/Wellness and Fitness Field for over two decades and has coached and trained many clients during this time. She is a certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach, Pilates/Aerobics/Yoga Instructor and more. She is the creator of the Busy Mama Reboot 28 day program, 10 Day Body Reset Detox, 30 Days to a New You, Holistic Weight Management System and many more on-line programs. To find out more about these life changing programs check out the testimonials and information at

Tanya has created FREE Healthy Living Challenges because even though we know all this “healthy stuff” it’s good to be reminded to keep it in our awareness. Tanya created the Busy Mama Healthy Mama Facebook page so that like-minded mama’s could get great healthy information and recipes in a fun and light-hearted way.

Tanya also teaches many different classes at Move Your Body Studio in Bobcaygeon, and has written Healthy Snacks for Kids, Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans & Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness – Your Guide to Juicing & Blending, the 21 Laws of Irrefutable Fat Loss, How to Get Rid of Cellulite and more. Her blog,  has lots of great articles to help you navigate your way to the healthy life you want, tons of recipes and great tips!

Tanya presents High Performance Nutrition for Kids and Teens, How to Become an Efficient Fat Burner, hosts Raw Smoothie Parties and many more presentations. Please contact her to set up your presentation.

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