Dec 312016

facebook-ad-3Hard to believe, but here we are at the end of another year. I hope 2016 was a great one for you!

I’m at home right now, enjoying family time with Glen and the kids, I mean teenagers. Where did all those years go?
I know this is the time when we start thinking about what we want to achieve for the year ahead, and revisit our goals and aspirations.
I like to set goals for my personal life and my business, and even though I generally do this on a regular basis, I get excited about what feels like a fresh start in January. It just feels like a clean slate, don’t you think?

Last year I had too many goals and as I result I was pulled in too many directions. I felt like I didn’t achieve what I set out to achieve.

So, I read about setting goals and loved the idea about choosing one word for your goal and that would be the theme of the year. This keeps you focused, grounded and on track. Continue reading »