Jan 242017

cookie-dough-cover-pagePart Seven – Cookie Dough in the Dark

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Can you identify with the following story? I kinda hope not…


Our family had eaten dinner at 4:30pm and then the kids and Glen went to hockey practice. I thought I’d bake since I hadn’t made anything in a while. But then poof! I lost control. I was tired and instead of giving myself permission to relax I slipped into an old habit. It started with a piece of Halloween candy – just a tiny innocent KitKat. I snapped and went into a trance. Eight chocolate finger cookies, 2 brown cows, banana bread batter, chocolate chip cookie batter, chocolate chips and then the cookies when they came out of the oven. Yikes! What just happened in the span of 40 minutes? And why did I feel the need to bake after eating finger cookies and brown cows? (Remember that sugar also comes in the form of chips, popcorn, pop, juice, pasta, bread, packaged goods, etc.) Continue reading »