Jan 132017

Fat Loss Tip #2 – From Your Fat Loss Expert – How you do it, matters…….

ball under foot hamstringHow You Do The Exercise Is More Important Than What Exercise

You Are Doing


 Is it possible to burn fat while doing an exercise incorrectly?

Yes, absolutely. But what you risk by not taking the time to learn good form is a sidelining injury. Continue reading »

Jan 102017

cookie-dough-cover-pagePart Five – Cookie Dough in the Dark

To read part one click- My Sugar Addiction, Part Two Sugar Addiction & Self-Punishment, Part Three Could This be part of the Answer, Part Four A Seed of Transformation


Habits Are Hard To Change


During my early years as a full time Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor, I still hadn’t made the complete connection between a healthy body and mind vs. being skinny. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Change doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t learn everything all at once, but you can listen. But I still thought I could do it all on my own and didn’t need anyone’s “eating advice”. Continue reading »

Jan 052017

new-moonCreate & Manifest Your Dream Life with the New Moon

I love the moon and it was a part of the Busy Mama Detox that I created years ago. Connecting with nature and the energy around is extremely powerful when we know what it all means. Check out the power of the new moon and detoxing.


This is a hands-on* workshop!! Come prepared to manifest your dreams for 2017!! Don’t know what they are, you will after this workshop. Working with the moon when you are manifesting is your key to success.

During this fun & interactive workshop you will learn: Continue reading »

Jan 032017

cookie-dough-cover-pagePart Four – Cookie Dough in the Dark

To read part one click- My Sugar Addiction, Part Two Sugar Addiction & Self-Punishment, Part Three Could This be part of the Answer

The Exercise Seed Is Planted


After graduating from Western, I didn’t know what to do. So I went to George Brown College for Fitness and Lifestyle Management. Perhaps the powerful effects of exercise were planted while at university and I wanted to explore why exercise was so powerful. This started the ball rolling. It was a very intense course. It provided me with more nutrition training than a doctor, and an intricate look at how the body works physiologically. I learned about every muscle, bone, and organ. I was hooked. We learned how to lift weights, how to burn fat, and how to eat properly. Continue reading »

Jan 022017

Picture for a moment, if you will, a pile of garbage that has been left out in the sun and it’s rotting. It stinks! There are flies and maggots crawling all over it. Do you blame the flies and the maggots for being there? Do you try to poison them with chemicals to get rid of them? No, you get rid of the garbage and when the garbage is gone the flies and maggots disappear naturally. Today, modern medicine treats the flies and maggots. We have a pill for everything, but it is not addressing the root cause of the problem. It is my heartfelt hope that you begin to realize that you need to heal the internal pollution within you. The effects of toxins that you eat, drink, breath, put on your skin etc., create the internal landscape of your being. It affects your blood, tissues and cellular fluid and when toxic, as we all are, it becomes the breeding ground for disease and degeneration. The cause of illness is not because of germs, genes or congenital defects (the flies), it’s what is attracting them. Now busy mama, grab your “superwoman detox cape” and let’s get into ACTION. Continue reading »

Jan 012017

What is Metabolism?

Do “calories” really count?


Well, yes they do, but they’re not the only thing that matters when it comes to how much you weigh and how much energy you have.  In other words it’s all about your metabolism.


In a nutshell metabolism is how you take in oxygen and food and use them for energy, heat, and storage.  But what’s really more important is how fast your metabolism works i.e. your “metabolic rate”.  And you may have heard of RMR and TDEE, which are ways to measure your metabolic rate.


But, what you may really want to know is what affects your metabolic rate, and how can you use that to your advantage.  Of course it’s not just about how much you eat but also your hormones, body composition, and even what you eat counts!

Continue reading »