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I am a real person, living in the real world!  I believe in living a healthy life, not an obsession to be thin.  I believe in being independent, strong (physically and mentally), moving my body and eating healthily.  I also believe that life is not a straight line but a life that challenges us to be better if we rise up to it.

In 1992, after graduating from The University of Western Ontario, I wasn’t sure which direction to take in life so I went to George Brown College (GBC) and took their Fitness and Lifestyle Management Course.  I loved it!  During high school, I was never into team sports but dabbled in track and field, took Phys. Ed., figure skated for many years and also started taking aerobics classes.  I LOVE to dance, so taking the classes seemed natural as I loved moving to music, however, in 1989, I didn’t consider Fitness as my life’s passion.

After GBC, I worked in the financial world, taught aerobics, in my spare time, at various corporations such as McDonalds, and clubs such as The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) and The Adelaide Club and studied for my Personal Trainers (PT) Exam.

Realizing that I was incapable of sitting in an office chair at a desk, I soon established a personal training clientele and began teaching aerobics and Personal Training full time.

In 1996, I was awarded Personal Trainer of the Year for Ontario from IHRSA (International Health and Racquet Association).  I also had a brush of fame training Faye Dunaway at The Adelaide Club and working with Radu (celebrity trainer) in NYC.

Although I love to dance, my teaching style is back to basics. I truly believe in learning how to use the muscles in your body and to maximize their output with each movement.  Many may say that I am a hard instructor, but those that know me, know that I just really CARE about them.  I wouldn’t be a great trainer if I did what you could do at home.  Working with safety in mind and attention to form, I push you to see what your limits are.  I want my clients to feel transformed, energized and proud of themselves for what they have achieved during their session or class.

Because of my love for detail, I wanted to further understand the body and its movements and therefore took a certification course at Stott Pilates and became a Pilates Instructor in 1997.  To be honest, I really didn’t get it at first. I was too type “A”, I had to be lifting weights and going full speed on the Stairmaster, I didn’t have time to focus on my core and breath.  But for some reason I stuck with it and now I would NEVER stop.  By combining my knowledge from GBC, and being a PT, Pilates/Aerobics Instructor, I love intertwining all of this knowledge and teaching people how to make fitness part of their lifestyle.

Fitness is definitely my life’s PASSION!  I love educating people about their bodies and the potential they have within them.  I love seeing how exercise transforms a person’s life.  I absolutely love every aspect that fitness has to offer and my only wish is that everyone would appreciate the complexity of their bodies and MOVE them more often.  We all have an abundance of energy and great health within us; we just need to tap into the potential.

So, all of this brings me to today.  I have been teaching/training for 20 years.  I transformed my walk-out to Move Your Body Studio in 2007 and offer many classes there and around Bobcaygeon.  I mix it up with training clients and teaching CPR.  I read about health and healthy living endlessly to further my knowledge.  I LOVE my work and I am grateful to have chosen this career.

After 7 years of reading everything about nutrition and the prevention of disease, I have been certified by Nutritionist Alisa Herriman to provide my clients with courses such as 5 Weeks to Healthy Eating.  I will be taking more courses/certifications over the year and I pleased to be able to offer Nutritional Programs at Move Your Body Studio. Refer to the monthly calendar to check out the Healthy Living Series – these are hands-on seminars that are FANTASTIC!!

I care deeply for anyone who wants to incorporate fitness/healthy living into their lifestyle and will do my best to keep them going in the right direction, but at the end of the day, it’s always up to you. Are you up for the challenge?

Tanya’s Certification Includes:

  • Personal Trainer of the Year, IHRSA Ontario ~ 1996
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer ~ 1993
  • Older Adult Fitness ~ 1995
  • CPR and First Aid Instructor ~ 1991
  • Fitness and Lifestyle Management-George Brown College ~ 1992
  • Bachelor of Arts, The University of Western Ontario – 1991
  • Ontario Fitness Council ~ 1990
  • Standard Test of Fitness Appraiser (STFA) ~ 1992
  • The Fitness Provider, owner
  • Stott Pilates Instructor ~ 1997
  • Move Your Body Studio – owner
  • Mother of 2 active and healthy boys!- 2002
  • Certified Instructor of the 5 Weeks to Healthy Eating Program- 2010
  • Healthy Living Consultant- with 20 plus years in the health field and walking the talk, I am here for you to put together a plan for living your healthiest life!

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