Jan 252015

“My legs are so weak, I can’t squat, I’m giving up.”

“I can’t do push-ups, I’m such a failure.”

“I’m not losing any weight, why bother continuing.”

I’ll start on Monday.”

It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed – Louise Hay

What are you saying to yourself about your workouts or your potential desire to start working out??

Do any of the above thoughts ripple through your mind?

If so, you are sabotaging yourself and any results that you want…honey, you’ve got to flip your thoughts around and start practicing positive self-talk. You’ve got to believe in yourself.

Self-defeating talk leads to poor performance, says Michael Mantell, PhD in Behavior Science for the American Council on Exercise, and I will even add that it sabotages you from even starting.

trying quote

See if you can implement these thoughts into your mind…

“My legs are powerful and allow me to sit, stand, get on and off the toilet, in and out of my car.  I so appreciate my legs and I want to make them even stronger to carry me forward into the years that lie ahead. I’m going to do what I can to continue to strengthen my legs.”

What you tell yourself vibrates throughout your entire body. You are a human being not a failure.  Can you hold yourself in a push up position (on your knees/against a wall – have you tried every option?) and lower yourself 1cm? Then yes, you are beginning to do a push-up.  Instead of giving up, break the exercise or task into its smallest part and start from there. Trust me, we do a lot of this in class…it’s not about the end result..it’s about the journey.

A scale doesn’t measure the weight of your memories or your daily stress, the smiles you display and the lives that you touch, the hours that you sleep, the level of your hormones, the brightness of your future…it just measures your physical mass when you step upon the scale. And for all these reasons and many more, we don’t need a scale to tell us whether to continue to exercise or not……dig deeper than the scale and know that you are performing miracles in your body every time you do something healthy.

The present moment holds the power….right here, right now, sit up straight, take a breath and feel the energy travel up and down your spine, connect with your “tingle”, smile, maybe even squeeze your butt cheeks or stand up and stretch.  Stop thinking that you have to commit to an hour…it’s always the simple things that add up….then you will be wanting to spend more time moving because you become inspired by how this simple exercise makes you feel.  I always tell my clients that the hardest thing is starting, the hardest thing is getting to class…but once you are here…there are never any regrets.

You are stronger than any excuse

You are more powerful in the present moment

You are a magnificent human being capable of magnificence

Sending you the energy to believe in yourself,


Tanya Morrison has been in the Health/Wellness and Fitness Field for over two decades.  She is the creator of the Busy Mama Detox which is a 12 week program that runs in January, April and September of each year. To find out more about this life changing program check out the testimonials and information at www.busymamadetox.com. Tanya also teaches many different classes at Move Your Body Studio in Bobcaygeon, www.moveyourbody.ca and has written Healthy Snacks for Kids, Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans & Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness – Your Guide to Juicing & Blending.  You can get your PDF copy here

Jan 182015

Become a Fat Loss Furnace

Joan holding up her pantsDo you want to burn more fat when you work out?  Are you tired of pinching more than an inch? Well, you too, can be like my clients and melt away the inches! 5 years and counting for Joan- yahoo!!!

Well, let’s turn up the heat and maximize the efficiency of your workout and start melting your fat away.

Repeated intense exercise (think short bursts of exercise such as skipping, jumping, sprinting, lifting heavy weights, etc.) increase the size of a cell’s mitochondria, which is its fat-burning furnace. By adding these exercises into your workout routine you can increase the size of your mitochondria (powerhouses of your cells) by a whopping 35% which means you are making a larger furnace to burn more fat. Check out this workout… Continue reading »

Dec 182014

8 reasons to you drop fat at Move Your Body Studio

Where does the time go in a day?  It can be so easy to skip a workout because we think we have to commit a lot of time to doing it.  Times have changed…you don’t need to spend countless hours busting your butt and sweating buckets to see results like weight loss, muscle growth and improved overall health and well-being….you just need to be smart about how you spend your workout time.

….short intervals of extremely high-intensity exercise…don’t let that scare you.  Start at your own pace and build the intensity…you will be surprised at how quickly with will happen Continue reading »

Nov 272014

january 1Don’t wait until January 1st to battle the bulge, have fun during the holidays with this check list to keep you living vibrantly, stress free and lean!

Avoid gaining the holiday 5-10lbs

Maintain vibrant health and vitality

Each day pick one tip to keep you on track!

Check out the videos, the workouts and the 30 day Challenges.

Need accountability – ask friends to join you or let me know how you are doing on Move Your Body’s facebook page.


Move Your Body Daily Tips

¨  Add weights to your workout!  Go for The Burn!  The more muscle mass you have the more calories you are burning at rest.  Lifting weights is essential.  But you know me, don’t just lift them, ACTIVATE your muscles and feel the burn.

 ¨  Sculpt your Behind

 ¨  Terrific Tricep workout

 ¨  Sexy Hamstrings with RAB

 ¨  Perform lunges for 2 minutes

 ¨  Pump it UP workout – tons of ideas to add to your daily workout!!

 ¨  Planks and Roll-outs – I know you have a minute!!  

 ¨  Run up and down your stairs for 5 minutes

 ¨  Bring your friend to a class at MYBS, mention 100 tips and only pay $5.00 each

 ¨  Take a Deep Belly Breath

Do this anywhere, anytime. Take a deep breath  – a dose of oxygen will make you feel happier and more alert.

 ¨  Do as many pushups as you can! How many did you do? #_____

 ¨  Do 50 squats today

 ¨  Advanced Lower Leg Challenge  

 ¨  This 10 minute workout will leave you toned and tightened!! Do it once every week!   Let me know how you enjoy it!!

 ¨  Join a Pilates/Core Conditioning class at Move Your Body Studio

 Ease your stress, lower your blood pressure, slow your heart rate, and increase your flexibility

 ¨  Circuit!  Add 2 minutes of skipping with weights this week.  Keep your workouts short but INTENSE!

 ¨  Get outside and walk in nature for 20-30 minutes!

 ¨  Sock it to your Core – Your ABS will love you!!

 ¨  Sweat Till You’re Wet and then relax – Join Move Your Body Studio’s Classes on Saturdays starting at 8am

  • Why?
    • Reduced risk of heart attack, better mood, increased energy & lower blood pressure.

¨  Write down your 5 favorite exercises and commit to doing them once a week or every day for 30 seconds

o   ______________________

o   ________________________

o   _______________________

o   __________________________

o   ____________________________

¨  Perform a plank.  How long can you hold it for with correct form? _____seconds.  Add 5 seconds to it every week.  

 ¨  Register for any exercise class that starts in the New Year to keep you on your healthy journey.

¨  Life is about Balance- stand on 1 foot and close your eyes for 10 seconds, switch feet!

 ¨  Play chase with your kids, dogs or spouse!!

Tanya Morrison has been in the Health/Wellness and Fitness Field for over two decades.  She is the creator of the Busy Mama Detox which is a 12 week program that runs in January, April and September of each year. To find out more about this life changing program check out the testimonials and information at www.busymamadetox.com. Tanya also teaches many different classes at Move Your Body Studio in Bobcaygeon, www.moveyourbody.ca and has written Healthy Snacks for Kids, Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans & Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness – Your Guide to Juicing & Blending.  You can get your PDF copy here

Oct 272014

shoulder press with weights one foot30 Day Gorgeous Arms Challenge

I love having tones arms. you know – no jiggle when you wave. Sculpted shoulders that look super hot when I’m wearing my tank tops. But even more important than feeling toned & gorgeous, is that my arms are STRONG.

And when you exercise your arms and shoulders you are moving them in many directions that keep the joints oiled and your movements free.

So, if you want strong and gorgeous arms – take this 30 day challenge.

Continue reading »

Sep 212014

2016-05-09 17 50 05_resized30 Day Bye Bye Flab Challenge

People LOVE to work their ABS. It’s the number one request I get in class. I’ve got soooooo many effective ways you can drop the fat off your waistline and I’ll share some with you today and some later.

The thing is though, you have to do something to get them!


That’s the secret. And your lifestyle – how you move, what you put in your mouth…and your thoughts, are all part of the solution.

Join this AB challenge that you can do at home. Not doing it, then come to Move Your Body Studio..check out these amazing classes for every body part and every level.

Continue reading »

Aug 142014

bw aerobic30 Day Full Body Challenge

Quick and effective is what I like. Sometimes we stop ourselves from exercising before we even start.

I know you can do 5 minutes.

I know you CAN.

Do you need any other reason than this?

By not moving , we’ve given our body the signal that it is no longer necessary. ….so our body begins to literally prepare for death.


Continue reading »

Jul 142014

The Anti-Cancer Body

Is Your Body in Motion?

Dr. Bouillet from the University of Paris states that exercise reduces the quantity of adipose (fat) tissue, the principal storage site of carcinogenic toxins.  Excess fat is the “toxic waste site” of the human body, says Devra Lee Davis from the University of Pittsburg.

bloated stomachFat cells store toxins

I have been in the fitness field for over two decades and what draws most people to exercise is weight loss, but I think it’s time to look behind the superficial curtain of weight loss for vanity and really understand that excess fat can be dangerous to your health. Your body was designed for movement and physical activity and unfortunately with the conveniences of life, we are not treating our bodies with the respect they deserve.

Physical activity is capable of reducing fat and taking with it its stockpile of contaminants. Movement is a prime method for “detoxifying” the body. YOU control how much movement you put in your day.

Benefits of Physical Exercise

  • Modifies our hormonal balance, it reduces excess estrogen and testosterone that stimulates the growth of cancers
  • Reduces blood sugar levels which results in the secretion of insulin and IGF (increases in insulin and IGF cause inflammation in your body and contribute to the growth and spread of cancerous tumors)
  • Increases your immune system which protects it against stress
  • Acts directly on the cytokines responsible for inflammation by lowering their level in the blood

Why do I add meditation to a lot of my classes?

  • You sleep better
  • You will feel less stressed
  • Your life feels richer with more meaning
  • Benefits your immune system
  • Calms you down and allows you to have perspective
  • Reduces cortisol levels and markers for cancer
  • Allows you to get in touch with your inner self that most of us have trained ourselves to ignore
  • Better regulation of blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation


Here’s a little workout for you….give it a go and modify where needed.


plank forearms starting position for opening and closing

Starting position for Plank – open and close your legs with control for 30-60 seconds, rest 10-20 seconds and repeat 5-10 times.  You can add in 8 pushups and 8 open/closing with legs for a bonus.

New to exercise – hold a plank on your knees with proper posture and breathe

shoulder press with weights one foot

Shoulder Press on one foot. Lift weight 15x – use whatever weight you feel comfortable lifting

Repeat exercise above (Open/close plank)

Follow with another round of shoulder press on the other foot.

Repeat Circuit #1 – 2 times.


Circuit #2

post delt standing band work add squat

Posterior deltoid with squats

Perform for one minute, followed by burpees (see below) for one minute.  Repeat set 2 times.

burpee 5

This is an action shot halfway through a burpee!!!  Either do burpees for 20-30 seconds, basketball jumps or skipping.  You MUST get your heart rate up!!!

Repeat Circuit #2 – 2 times.

Repeat Circuit #1, followed by Circuit #2, 2 times


Circuit #1 – 2 times

Circuit #2 – 2 times

Circuit 1 and 2 – 2 times

End with some deep breaths and stretches. Check out this Stretching Routine

Check out these other workouts to enjoy!

Chisel your inner and outer thigh

Condition your CORE – Thanks to Planks

Get outta bed – Saturday classes and HGH

Sculpt your core with these 3 exercises

Exercises for Sculpted & Sexy Shoulders

Stretch it OUT

Wild at Heart

Be sure to treat yourself to a massage which helps to decrease the production of stress hormones and increase the number of NK cells in your body.

Lastly, physical touch has a profound effect on the cells of your body – it stimulates the life force in human adults on an emotional level and biological level inside their very cells. To read more about this pick up The Anti Cancer book and read page 181 and on!




Learn more by reading Anti Cancer by David Servan-Schreiber, MS, PhD

Jul 072014

Stronger Back, Improved Balance and Increased Quality of Life…just from Pilates 

I have been teaching Pilates since 1997.  When I first starting teaching I have to be honest…it was hard to slow down and be more mindful and present with my movements, but I would NEVER stop doing it now as it has transformed my body. I’m leaner, more flexible, have great balance and feel INCREDIBLE.  I want you to feel these benefits too.

image003Pilates continues to gain popularity and has proven benefits according to the Idea’s  June 2014 article “Proven Benefits of Pilates.” I shall share with you a few points and then come and see for yourself by taking Pilates classes offered at Move Your Body Studio.

Increases Flexibility – Practicing Mat Pilates increases lower back, upper body and hamstring flexibility

Better Dynamic Balance – With just 5 weeks of Pilates, adults had better balance and fewer falls

Muscle Endurance – Increased muscle endurance in both the abdominals and low-back endurance just after 8 weeks of classes 3 times per week

More Life Satisfaction – Improvements in physical self-concept, psychological well-being, mood, and sleep improved in just 12 weeks.

Do these work-outs at home….remember though consistency is the Key to Your Healthy Life…so if you are looking for motivation, then make classes a part of your week. Classes are:

Monday’s 7:15-8pm Core Commotion – Pilates based

Engage in real life functional movement patterns such as twisting, bending, pushing, & pulling executed in a FUN and creative way using Pilates techniques. Core training, balance and flexibility are all included to create a total well rounded program. Your CORE is craving some Commotion!!

Wednesday’s at 9am – Core Conditioning

Saturday’s at 9am – Restorative Pilates with Meditation

Bad Posture leads to Thoracic Kyphosis – symptoms & remedies

Wild at Heart




Jun 302014

Don’t worry if you haven’t been to class lately, we are just having fun implementing some life energy work into our moves and you can join in at any time.

Where the First Chakra is satisfied by survival, and the Second Chakra is constantly seeking pleasure, the Third Chakra is about developing self-control. Knowing when enough is enough, when to say no to pleasure, is part of this self-control.

Need a Chakra Recap: click here for the first chakra  and here for the second 🙂 Continue reading »