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Have I caught the virus of self-sabotage? Where I can’t move forward, start a (insert program name) program, read a new book, join a new class or follow a path of personal development because you-are-wonderful….
“I may invest all this time and money and not get the results I expected – or possibly make my life worse because I could have been doing something more productive with my time.”

Yes, sometimes I find myself stuck, unable to sort out which path I want to take next. I want to know the end result before I start…that I will learn (insert), that I will get stronger, smarter etc. And while I’m thinking about all of this, my life passes me by because I’m still not doing anything. Or I have a few choices to make but feel overwhelmed at which one I should start first- and instead of picking one, I pick none!

Fortunately I can catch myself in this pattern and step out of it realizing that:Discovering what doesn’t work for me is just as important as what does. If I take a course and don’t like it, that’s valuable information. Who said that not liking something is BAD? Sometimes we get caught up in perfection & the end result that we forget about the valuable journey that we are on.

By sticking with a program, whether I like it or not, to its completion, I build a tremendous amount of will power which will come in handy in my day to day life. If I make a commitment to myself but then don’t follow through, I have undermined myself and feel horrible. Every time you say you are going to do something and you don’t you undermine yourself. Your inner critic is always trying to undermine you from living your life to the fullest and it happens without you even realizing it.

What if I can’t keep up? What if everyone is better than me? What if I make a fool of myself? We all have to start somewhere, and silly as it sounds, I have to remind myself that it’s OK to be the newbie, it’s ok not to be perfect, it’s OK if I slip up. Because it certainly is better than hiding from the world and having a near-life experience when I could be fully living my life.


After graduating from university, I had spent from ages 4-23 in an institutional setting (school), I really didn’t have to make too many decisions. I was lumped in with people of my birth year, with no regard to whether one of us was better in a certain subject, learned in a different way, or was hands-on vs a thinker. Then I graduated and I remember calling my dad, “What do I do now?” For the first time in forever, I had all these paths available to me and it was scary. What will I do? The simplest thing is to pick something, commit for its duration and see what worked for you and what didn’t.  To know that anything you do will highlight your strengths and weaknesses, and that you will be living a conscious, amazing and incredible life.

So I started in the financial industry, wearing suits & heels and looking the part, but I realized I hated sitting down and also what I was doing. I stayed longer than I should have because I was caught up in the image of being in the corporate world and the prestige that came with that. After my day job, I would do what I loved and that was teaching fitness & health classes and training clients. I loved this, but had to let go of the image of what people would think of me when I was wearing a track suit & runners instead of a suit & heels! I took the risk, left my “real” job and started on the path of health and fitness and got over the fact I was wearing a track suit. Making this leap was scary. I went from having a regular paycheck and benefits, to NOTHING. If I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid. I had to get my own clients, find my own classes to teach, and when I was sick – there were no sick days. And there were no benefits – but there were benefits – my own schedule, time freedom, my own hours, my own long vacations – I was LOVING it! I redefined my benefits!

That was about 23 years ago that I made that decision and have no regrets. What I would have regretted is never taking the leap that I did – even though it was really scary at the time.

So as I write this I’m in a new chapter of my life. I love what I do and will continue to teach and train clients about their health, but now my kids are teens so it has opened up some time for me and I want to add some FUN into my life. I’m tossing up taking an art class, a dance class or a cooking class. And the reason I am writing this, is because I’ve been STUCK. I noticed I was stuck and have spent that last 6 months in a daze about moving forward (part of this is mother’s guilt – needing to be home to drive them places etc.). Which one should I take first? What if I’m not that great? What if I don’t like it? And I realized I was focusing on the negative and remaining stuck. I realized I was a little scared and that …

“I may invest all this time and money and not get the results I expected – or possibly make my life worse because I could have been doing something more productive with my time.”

…and realized I had caught the virus of self-sabotage…which ends today!

Are you stuck? Do you want to do something but can’t move forward?

Have you caught the virus of self-sabotage?

I’d love to hear from you and soon I will let you know which adventure I have picked!!

Life is way too short to be stuck. Far too many of us are having a near-life experience.

Healthy Hugs,


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