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It’s an Ugly Word!! One we never want to hear.


Mum and me

Since 2009 I decided to focus a lot of my time researching cancer/disease prevention…and then in March of 2011 I got a call from my mum and she told me that she had mouth cancer.  She decided to start chemo and radiation immediately and it was very difficult to be so far away from her since she lives in Spain.  There are times that she could not talk, she couldn’t eat and was rushed to the hospital several times. Obviously, I booked a ticket to Spain and when I saw her, she looked lifeless and very weak.  She had been given drinks from the hospital to consume for her calories (marconutrients – carbs, fat and protein) but they were not giving her the micronutrients she need for cell rejuvenation that she so desperately needed.

Within two to three days of my mother being on the nutritional plan that I recommended, I cannot begin to tell you how her eyes started to shine, her energy started to increase and her pain subsided.  Her friends were amazed at her recovery.

So this is what we did for the first few days.

Celery/Cucumber/Apple drinks from her juicer

Chia seeds mixed with water/or freshly juiced green drinks

Chlorella tablets

If I had know about Juice Plus+ then it would have been at the top of my list. As this is a concentrated source of non-gmo, vine-ripened, bioavailable fruits and veggies that our cells are desparately seeking. But now I know about it and it is a part of our daily routine.

The important part is to get nutrient dense, enzyme rich food sources.  I told my mum that she will be challenged to eat the traditional diet of cooked foods and foods that are part of our mainstream culture, but I stressed the importance of following my dietary advice to feed her cells, especially at the beginning stages of recovery. Also, by consuming liquids, you spare your body the energy of digestion and therefore this energy can be used to heal her.

I took this video 5 days after I arrived. I wish I had taken a video when I arrived so that the true essence of her recovery could be seen.

Lastly, I wish this weren’t true, but I love the words of Stanley Burroughs author of The Master Cleanse,” Basically all of our diseases are created by ourselves because we have never taken the time to discover the true foods meant for man’s use.  We can create healthy bodies by using the right foods and eliminating highly toxic and mucus forming foods.”

With the endless reading I have done over the last 20 years in my field, I have learned that we hold the key to our health by the choices that we make.  I am on day 15,878 of my eating plan, and each day I strive to give my cells life.  Keep on your journey to healthy living and cell rejuvenation!!

What would change in your diet right now if you were told you have cancer?  Prevention is a much easier road, so start small with these changes and maybe you never have to hear the word cancer in your doctor visits.

Another important step in my mum’s healing was that I read the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, to her and we talked about releasing anger and resentment. I also gave her essential oil massages and infused her body & spirit with love.

Here’s to your health,


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My friend, nutritionist and colleague, Alisa Herriman, works with cancer patients. When a cancer patient starts chemotherapy they must stop taking multivitamins. Curious about this, she wondered what would happen if she gave them Juice Plus. They started to get healthier blood work, have more energy and felt better in general. This amazed her and she now works with doctors to make this part of their plan. We also know that if Juice Plus+ can help unhealthy people, imagine how it is helping healthy people!!!

Juice Plus+ is simply fruits and veggies. It is safe (and, in fact, critical) to eat fruits and veggies during chemo. Here are several studies and articles to support this:

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Who would benefit from taking Juice Plus+ to improve their health, lower their risk or cancer or help them through chemotherapy? Share this information with them today.

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