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cookie-dough-cover-pagePart 11– Cookie Dough in the Dark

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Oh here’s another one!!!

But somewhere deep inside of me, my feelings started to stir. I felt uneasy. Out of sorts. And I went to the pantry to eat something sweet. To calm me.

In private.

Because that’s how I dealt with things.

Until that moment.

Excuse #2 – I’m miserable – it’s the one thing (insert your “thing”) that makes me happy. It’s the only thing that can take away the pain. It’s the only thing that calms me.


Are you truly miserable and is it the only thing that makes you happy or take away your pain? Be honest. I don’t think it is. In fact, most people, including myself, say that they actually feel worse after a sugar (or you “thing”) binge.


New Belief: I am grateful for each day. With gratitude my happiness expands. Food won’t fix it.


Make a list of some things that truly make you happy and refer to this list when you need a “happy pick me up”. Our cells remember everything we have ever done and when we habitually do something, like eat to make us happy, it creates a very strong bond that is an automatic response.


Need to be happy = eat.


Until you notice this strong bond and begin to change it, it will continue.


When my children were younger, we were building gingerbread houses together. A lovely family tradition.

But this event that day triggered me.


I felt that the gum balls should go red/green/red/green etc. You know – a pattern – a pattern that I liked. Because it was arranged properly.


But that’s not how my boys did it.


And really. It didn’t. MATTER.


But somewhere deep inside of me, my feelings started to stir. I felt uneasy. Out of sorts. And I went to the pantry to eat something sweet. To calm me.


In private.

Because that’s how I dealt with things.


Until that moment.


I had been working on becoming conscious about my habit loops. What triggered me? What made me reach for sugar? What was happening in my body? How did I feel after I indulged? How did I feel if I didn’t?


Painful…I know. Seriously – all of this over sugar. All of this over being an adult and not being able to control an impulse to dive into the something sweet to calm me down.


I learned to stop.

I learned to breath.

I learned to listen to the self-chatter inside my head – battling out about how I should move forward. It was hard to change. I wanted to ignore it.  I wanted to hang on to the fact that “sugar makes you happy, it takes away your pain.” But I knew I was changing. I knew I had to change. I knew that I had a choice. Every TIME.


I owned the fact that indulging in sugar did not make me happy. It did not take away the pain. It did not heal anything. In fact – it usually made it WORSE.


So what felt like forever, I slowed my breath. I pulled myself together. And that day, I walked out of the pantry knowing I would be ok. That day, I knew I could live without sugar taking away my pain. That day I was grateful that I had stopped, taken a breath and connected the dots that food would not fix the fact that my boys would put the gum balls wherever they pleased. And that was ok.


That day I started to break another habit loop.


That day was another beginning.


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Stay tuned for next week – I so wanted this to be TRUE

And in the meantime, enjoy,  Getting off Sugar

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