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homemade cashew yogurtI always get asked if I have dairy in my diet.

As I’ve said before I call myself a “flexitarian” because it suits my personality. If I say I’m not going to eat “something”, then I tend to gravitate towards it, this way if I keep everything available to me it doesn’t have the same emotional pull – if you know what I mean. You may not have this personality type – we are all different.

I know that I have never enjoyed drinking a glass of milk (ask my mum), but somehow chocolate milk was fine. I only ever put a bit of milk on my cereal but I haven’t had a bowl of cereal in about 7 years.

I used to love grilled cheese, but bread is not my belly’s friend so I don’t have that anymore. When I mean anymore, it means that it doesn’t make up my daily diet.

I love the occasional goat’s cheese in my salads, but that’s even less and less these days.

Sure I love to lick an ice cream cone but that too is getting less and less. However, when I do eat it, I savour it and move on.

What about yogurt? Yes, when my mummy made it from scratch we ate loads of it and even ate store bought organic after that for the longest time but then I stopped.


How do you get your calcium if you aren’t drinking milk? Aren’t you afraid your bones are going to break??

I’ll save the calcium chat for another blog, but suffice is to say that you can eat almonds, bok choy, figs, kale, sesame seeds, salmon and other foods that contain calcium and be just fine.


I didn’t consciously decide not to eat dairy, in fact I had some lovely homemade thick and creamy yogurt this past week when I was away and it was delicious, but I don’t eat it as part of my daily diet. Over the years I have shifted to enjoying almond milk, eating lots of kale in my salads and smoothies and sprinkling sesame seeds on my salads or making dressings with tahini. These choices just make me feel better – not as stuffed up/mucosy anymore and my skin is clearer.


I have worked with clients for 25 years and I always encourage shifts that are in line with their goals. If your goal is to shift away from dairy, here are a few great recipes that you can start adding into your daily routine.

Let me know which ones you love or any that you would like to share!


Almond Milk

Almond Turmeric Latte

Homemade Cashew Yogurt

Chia Seed “Raw-mazing” Pudding

Hemp Kale Salad


Healthy Hugs,


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