Dec 202013

Smoothie Money Saving Tip

I love having an abundance of green in my fridge! But sometimes I can’t eat it fast enough! That’s when I discovered that I can freeze everything.

When you have a bounty of greens in your vegetable garden, use this technique to enjoy the greens all year long (bye bye, waste).

When spinach, kale or any organic leafy green is on sale, or you have a tub of greens about to expire in your fridge, use this freezing technique to not only save your money but also to nourish yourself.

When the farmer’s markets are in their prime, load up on local greens at amazing prices and enjoy eating them all year long.

What’s a Busy Mama to do about freezin’ her greens

Take 2-3 handfuls of your greens and put it in a freezer bag. You can mix and match the greens, such as  a little parsley in with spinach, kale and lettuce, or enjoy them on their own.  Find the combinations that work for you!  You can also create Busy Mama Grab n’ Go smoothie packs which I’ll tell you about later.

Then squeeze out all the air, seal it up and put it in your freezer. You can label them, date them, flatten them!

When you are ready to make your smoothie, pull out a package of your frozen greens and pluck it right in your blender or Vitamix (free shipping code 06-005828) with some celery, cucumber, apple, frozen blueberries, coconut water and for a BONUS add organic cinnamon, Vitamineral Greens, maca, bee pollen etc. The choices are endless and your cells will be singing loudly at being fed such a wonderfully nutritious meal!

image001Enjoy the Purple Nut Smoothie or the Elvis Parsley – Get your Groove On Smoothie with your frozen greens.




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