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cookie-dough-cover-pagePart Ten– Cookie Dough in the Dark

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If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times.

I’m overweight because my mum is – it runs in our family.

I have diabetes because my aunt does – it runs in our family, you know.

You get the picture!

Study after study shows that, “Your longevity is based ¼ on your genetics and ¾ on your behaviours and lifestyle choices.”[1]


But what you might want to believe is that eating processed foods or making unhealthy life choices has NOTHING to do with your current state of health; it is so much easier to blame it on your genetics.


Well, in that case, I should be a smoker, a diabetic, an alcoholic, overweight, die of heart disease and cancer because that’s all in my family.


Oh, I should also have high cholesterol and a thyroid problem because those, too, are in my family.


Sorry, don’t buy it.


I have read hundreds of prevention books over the years so that I don’t get any of those “hereditary diseases”. Knowing this information again planted more seeds in my mind that I can have control of my health. I have to be honest though, I wanted to retreat and be that dependent child again and avoid taking responsibility for my actions because the blame game is so much easier to play. Yes, we may have a genetic disposition to certain diseases but please read more about epigenetics so that you can be empowered about your choices. One fabulous book regarding epigenetics is The Biology of Beliefs by Bruce Lipton. Also, Dr. Christiane Northrup discusses it in her latest book Making Life Easy.


If you’re still coming up with excuses to make healthy changes in your life, let’s take a look inside your suitcase and see if there are any nasty critters hanging around. Maybe seeing a few bed bugs and cockroaches might change your mind!


I’m going to share with you the excuses I have heard …..and some of them I’ve also used many times over the years and what you could change to help with the process of getting off sugar, like I did. These excuses are in no particular order.


First of all – Our Language creates our Reality. Notice the language of these excuses and notice if any of them are your daily language or thoughts which have become your deep seated belief. I did a lot of work to change my thoughts and my words. The first step was even being aware that I was thinking and saying them!


Excuse#1 –It’s never the right time to stop sugar.


Michelle states that she has done the “quit sugar” thing a billion times! She puts her heart and soul into it, then relapses for a second and then it’s downhill. She has the typical detox symptoms like SEVERE headaches, many times a week, and she needs a full week off work to detox, sleep it off, veg out until the fog lifts. Therefore she feels like it’s never the right time so why bother at all.


New Belief: Day by day I can reduce my sugar intake until one day, it no longer controls me.


We tend to jump right into the water without dipping our toes in. It’s the “all or nothing” approach so many of us have. Unfortunately, it’s unsustainable in the long run. A gentler approach of simple shifts is recommended, but of course it will take longer to see and feel the results; however, the changes will last. Yes, you may experience peaks and valleys in this journey, but it does smooth out over time and you will keep moving forward.

Who do you know that would benefit from hearing Cookie Dough in the Dark? Please share it with them.

Stay tuned for next week – The gum ball pattern


In the meantime, check out 5 Foods to Help You Wean Yourself Off of Sugar


[1] Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Beliefs (United States: Hay House, Inc. 2008)


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