Mar 132016

tomatoesCan I nibble on blueberries and cherry tomatoes throughout my day?

Even though these are healthy choices, my simple answer is NO. But why, if it’s healthy food?

Eating when you are not hungry is not helping you if you need to lose weight, fat and inches. It’s important to tune into your hunger signals and you can’t do that if you are constantly munching. Read here to learn about true vs. toxic hunger.

If your body is always digesting food, it does not have time to do the deeper work of healing (which is important for your health).   Blueberries and tomatoes are a source of carbohydrates (which is sugar), so all day you are feeding your body with sugar. Continue reading »

Mar 062016

Often times my client say, “if I exercise more I can eat more right.”

Depends …what’cha eating???

If you’re thinking breads, pastas, muffins, fries, chips, cookies etc. (you get the idea–the processed stuff – which they usually are) the answer is, “Depends on what your goals are.”

If you want to feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy or you don’t mind extra padding on your body or low energy, then by all means, gobble them up.

If you want the fat to melt away, the pounds to drop and your energy to soar, then the best thing is to focus on upping your greens, vegetables with some nuts, seeds and fruit.

It’s not the simple case of just eating less or eating more but rather what you’re eating that determines the quantity. Continue reading »