May 222014

If you had an alignment issue with the wheels on your car, what would you do? Get new tires, ignore the problem and continue to drive or get to the root of the problem and fix it?

Well, look down at your feet without changing anything and notice your alignment. Which way are your feet pointing?  How do your toes look? Where is the weight on your feet? What are you going to do to fix your alignment.

I also love to check out how other people are standing and walking – maybe it’s my occupation but I think it’s cool.

I used to stand like this: Yikes- after years of figure skating I had some mighty strong external rotators among some other things. But once I really noticed this “duck” foot positioning (and recalled how many times my mum told me to walk with my feet forward), I started to learn exercises that would correct this problem.  It took me years to correct this habit and to re-align the muscles in my legs, back and hips, but I did it! I didn’t put a band-aid solution on it, I went to the root of the problem and slowly but surely corrected it.

feet photos 016

There are some days that my right foot (external leg rotation from the hip) still likes to creep out…but I notice it and correct it.  These changes do not happen overnight but with a conscious effort to notice your posture and the positioning of your feet, you can make changes with some very simple exercises.

feet photos 017

See this fantastic 30 minute presentation by John Bergman on How to have Healthy Feet –

Read Katy Bowman’s website to correct any alignment issue – she is fabulous.

Read any of Pete Egoscue’s books.

Try this exercise: I love singing “Keep them separated” while wearing my toe separators – you won’t believe the freedom your feet and toes will begin to feel. Another great time to wear these are with a pair of socks on while you are reading a book in bed.  Start with 5 minutes and build up from there.  Let me know how happy your toes and feet are feeling!!!

feet photos 015


In my core conditioning class, which is held Wednesday’s at 9am and my Restorative Pilates class on Saturday’s at 9am, you will be privy to the endless “having fun” exercises that we do to correct posture, improve alignment and restore our bodies.  Please see for a class schedule.

Here is to your happy feet,