Jul 102014

Wild Strawberry & Raspberry Leaf Smoothie

raspberry Strawberry leaf smoothie 001

Ever thought of putting the leaves of wild strawberries and raspberries into your smoothie? Hmmm, I didn’t until I started to read Free Food and Medicine by Markus Rothkranz and took a Wild Edibles Course. Now you should see the weeds that get added to our smoothies, juices and salads.  When I walk my dogs you will see me picking many different weeds and on my last walk I picked strawberry and raspberry leaves for this Wild Smoothie that I created.

raspberry Strawberry leaf smoothie 002

When picking the leaves make sure they are in an area that has not been sprayed with any nasty chemicals and that the leaves are in good condition. Pick from different areas so as not to wipe out an entire wild patch (in other words…leave some for next time and years to come). There are no poisonous look alike to the strawberry leaf (and the wild strawberry flower is edible too) and if you don’t know what a raspberry leaf looks like check out the these pictures (no known poisonous look a likes either)

Now why would I do add these to the things I eat?

Strawberry Leaves:strawberry leaf and flower

ü  One of the highest sources of naturally occurring Vitamin C

ü  Helps with stomach problems and aches and pains

ü  Purifies your blood

ü  Helps with kidney stones and kidney and bladder problems, gout, jaundice

ü  Helps with heavy menses

ü  Naturally high in sodium

ü  Antibacterial, antifungal, astringent and contain antioxidants

ü  Here’s a plug for the strawberry itself – it contains anti-cancer ellagic acid in the seeds(best when blended to release all the goodness inside those tiny seeds)

Raspberry Leaves rasp leaf

ü  Naturally high in magnesium, potassium and B Vitamins. Contains Vitamins C and E and also the minerals calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous and copper

ü  Helps with nausea, leg cramps and improves sleep (great for during pregnancy)

ü  Strengthens the uterus and pelvic floor muscles

ü  An astringent, stimulant, cancer-fighter, parasite killer, helps to get rid of diarrhea

ü  Can be used as a mouthwash (helps with bleeding gums, canker sores)

ü  Makes a wonderful healing tea

ü  Tones and cleanses your tissues and organs

ü  Purifies and strengthens your blood

ü  Contains flavonoids have been shown which shown to reduce cholesterol and improve blood circulation

ü  Here’s a plug for the raspberry itself – it contains anti-cancer ellagic acid in the seeds(best when blended to release all the goodness inside those tiny seeds). Ellagic acid tells cancerous cells to self-destruct so tumors can’t grow….fantastic!!!


WOW, this is one SPECTACULAR smoothie!  I could keep going with the super fantastic wild benefits but I think you get the idea that adding these leaves into your diet will provide you with MAXIMUM GOODNESS!

¼ – ½ cup strawberry/raspberry leaves

¼ cup strawberries

¼ cup raspberries

1 medjool date (or more depending on sweetness or a couple drops of stevia)

1 tsp goji berries (optional)

1-2 stalks celery

¼ cup spinach

1 tsp chia seeds

1 cup coconut water or water

1 cup ice

1 tbsp Truly Natural Vitamin C Powder (optional)

1 tsp cinnamon (optional)


Put everything in your blender or Vitamix and blend away.

Enjoy with a smile. Eat Wild ..be wild!


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