Oct 272014

shoulder press with weights one foot30 Day Gorgeous Arms Challenge

I love having tones arms. you know – no jiggle when you wave. Sculpted shoulders that look super hot when I’m wearing my tank tops. But even more important than feeling toned & gorgeous, is that my arms are STRONG.

And when you exercise your arms and shoulders you are moving them in many directions that keep the joints oiled and your movements free.

So, if you want strong and gorgeous arms – take this 30 day challenge.

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Sep 212014

2016-05-09 17 50 05_resized30 Day Bye Bye Flab Challenge

People LOVE to work their ABS. It’s the number one request I get in class. I’ve got soooooo many effective ways you can drop the fat off your waistline and I’ll share some with you today and some later.

The thing is though, you have to do something to get them!


That’s the secret. And your lifestyle – how you move, what you put in your mouth…and your thoughts, are all part of the solution.

Join this AB challenge that you can do at home. Not doing it, then come to Move Your Body Studio..check out these amazing classes for every body part and every level.

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Aug 142014

bw aerobic30 Day Full Body Challenge

Quick and effective is what I like. Sometimes we stop ourselves from exercising before we even start.

I know you can do 5 minutes.

I know you CAN.

Do you need any other reason than this?

By not moving , we’ve given our body the signal that it is no longer necessary. ….so our body begins to literally prepare for death.


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Apr 082014

Spring Tune UP

sexy 3 0 00 06-22

Flat Tummy Quick Fixes

Slim & Sexy Tank Top Arms

Tight Booty

Chisel Your Inner & Outer Thighs

Belly Blaster

Fat Burner

Shape-up and trim down your abs, arms and butt!

 Reclaim your BODY starting Monday April 28th 6:30pm

$80 for 6weeks

 See www.moveyourbody.ca for more details or email Tanya at info@moveyourbody.ca or call 705-887-4605

 Watch the pounds melt away!