Sep 202015

Rolling your way to Better Balance & a Stronger Core

This class works wonders for me.  I feel more flexible, straighter and very calm.  Thank you! – D.

I’m standing straighter because of my awareness of posture that you teach in class. I love the wall work that we do as it straightens up my posture! – J


Core Conditioning, Gentle Yoga, Realign Restore Meditate Classes are a mix of gentle Pilates, yoga, stretching, posture work, roller work, essentrics and mindfulness in every movement. Also, class ends with meditation and relaxation (head massage).

I have condensed this information as much as possible and if you would like further information check out The Melt Method by Sue Hitzmann or join us at class Tuesday’s at 9am & Thursday’s at 9:30am (Also teach this Monday’s at 7:15pm, and Saturday’s at 8:45am)


This is why we rock side to side & breathe on the roller

The Rebalance Melt Sequence of rest assess on the mat, gentle rocking & 3-D breathing on the roller and then the rest reassess on the mat improve balance, gut support and spinal stability, which are an essential part of preventing or reducing any type of body pain and maintaining optimal organ function.

Each step in the process is important…here’s why

  1. The rest assess is a powerful tool. Lying on your back notice how your body feels on the floor. The identification of any off-centeredness is the first step in this process.
  1. Gentle rocking on the roller – This allows your Autopilot and NeuroCore to go into action to support, protect and stabilize you.

In this position, laying on the roller, your brain is flooded with neurological information about your body’s position because you are stimulating the spine receptors directly with the gentle pressure of the roller. This position opens up a powerful communication channel between your hands, feet, spine and brain. Simultaneously, you are lying on an unstable surface, so your NeuroCore is stabilizing you while your spine is being stimulated. This heightens the Autopilot’s GPS signal to your center of gravity.

Stuck stress in your connective tissues and your diaphragm causes interruptions in the vibrational communication and the fluid state of the NeuroCore. These interruptions cause imbalances in the NeuroCore, which impairs the Autopilot’s ability to find the body’s center of gravity.

When your body is being stabilized by muscle movers, your brain and the central nervous system are now involved. This makes you mentally and physically exhausted – and you don’t even know why it’s happening. Muscle movers are not meant to be constantly active like muscle stabilizers. Over time, compensating movers become tired, tight and locked, which can lead to inflammation, spasm and pain. When muscle movers compensate to stabilize you, it can be seen in your posture and movements.

The Reflexive Core (double layer of connective tissue that creates a cylinder around the organs within your torso. Its purpose is to support and protect your vital organs and spine) and the Rooted Core (channel of connective tissue, deep within your body, that runs from head to toe. Its purpose is to support and protect your spine while it maintains a grounded connection to the earth) coordinate with dedicated, deep stabilizing muscles to do their jobs. These muscles are constantly responding to vibrational communication within the connective tissue system – not to your conscious thought. The Reflexive and Rooted Core mechanisms are all operating in response to an enormous amount of body sense information being transmitted within and between these two mechanisms. These two mechanisms are what is called your NeuroCore. The Autopilot regulates the NeuroCore system, and when it is working properly, you are able to move effortlessly without compensation, pain or injury.

The Autopilot is constantly tracking your body position through the information it receives from the satellites or receptors, in your joints. The Autopilot tracks your center of gravity to the vibrational communication that is being relayed within and between the Reflexive and Rooted core mechanisms. The Autopilot is also tracking your primary masses – your head, ribs, and pelvis – in relation to your feet and gravity.

  1. 3-D breathing – 6 sided breathing – on the roller

Experiencing diaphragmatic movement through your awareness and your hands, with your spine supported by the roller, enhances the diaphragms ability to move in its full range when you’re not thinking about it. This opens up the communication channels between the Reflexive and Rooted core mechanisms, which improves the Autopilot ability to find the center of gravity.

  1. Rest reassess on the floor. Identifying any changes, noticing how different your body feels from your first assessment, allows your awareness and your Autopilot to recognize your body’s true center of gravity.

After finding your imbalances with the first rest assess then doing some rocking, and breathing your body is a new, more balanced place and your Autopilot’s GPS system is back online. Although it may seem like you didn’t do much, the changes that your body made are profound.

Your upper body should feel more relax on the floor, your breaths feel fuller and more effortless, and your body feels more balanced from left to right.

After finishing all of these steps you have reset your Autopilot and when your Autopilot can find your center of gravity, a rebalancing of the stress regulators occurs. Your muscle, organ, nervous and connective tissue systems experience relief. By using these techniques and improving vibrational communication, you can recalibrate the balance of your NeuroCore mechanisms, thereby improving communication and ridding your body of the sensation of loss of balance, and even more importantly living pain free.

So if you are ready to live pain free, improve your balance and posture, please join me for private sessions or at class on Tuesday’s at 9am, Thursday’s at 9:30am, Monday’s at 7:15pm and Saturday’s at 8:45am.




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The Melt Method by Sue Hitzmann

Jul 072014

Stronger Back, Improved Balance and Increased Quality of Life…just from Pilates 

I have been teaching Pilates since 1997.  When I first starting teaching I have to be honest…it was hard to slow down and be more mindful and present with my movements, but I would NEVER stop doing it now as it has transformed my body. I’m leaner, more flexible, have great balance and feel INCREDIBLE.  I want you to feel these benefits too.

image003Pilates continues to gain popularity and has proven benefits according to the Idea’s  June 2014 article “Proven Benefits of Pilates.” I shall share with you a few points and then come and see for yourself by taking Pilates classes offered at Move Your Body Studio.

Increases Flexibility – Practicing Mat Pilates increases lower back, upper body and hamstring flexibility

Better Dynamic Balance – With just 5 weeks of Pilates, adults had better balance and fewer falls

Muscle Endurance – Increased muscle endurance in both the abdominals and low-back endurance just after 8 weeks of classes 3 times per week

More Life Satisfaction – Improvements in physical self-concept, psychological well-being, mood, and sleep improved in just 12 weeks.

Do these work-outs at home….remember though consistency is the Key to Your Healthy Life…so if you are looking for motivation, then make classes a part of your week. Classes are:

Monday’s 7:15-8pm Core Commotion – Pilates based

Engage in real life functional movement patterns such as twisting, bending, pushing, & pulling executed in a FUN and creative way using Pilates techniques. Core training, balance and flexibility are all included to create a total well rounded program. Your CORE is craving some Commotion!!

Wednesday’s at 9am – Core Conditioning

Saturday’s at 9am – Restorative Pilates with Meditation

Bad Posture leads to Thoracic Kyphosis – symptoms & remedies

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