May 252016

Post Exercise Nutritionbusy mama juggle

The precise nutritional choices before, during and after a workout depend upon what activity you did, for you long and at what intensity. It can also depend on what your goals are!

To keep this simple, refueling after a workout is a smart idea. It is the best time to eat any starchy carbohydrates because your glycogen stores have been reduced (glycogen is a major fuel source during a workout). Having a green smoothie with protein is a great option or a sweet potato and a protein choice. Continue reading »

May 192016

 What’s on Your Plate?busy mama juggle


Are you confused about much you are supposed to eat and when?  Here are 3 examples to help you feel more comfortable at meal times when it comes to putting food on your plate. Depending on your goals you may wish to eat off a dinner plate or a side plate for portion control. Continue reading »

May 182016

busy mama juggle11 Tips To Support Your Busy Mama Cleansing

Water is your friend!! Drink up and stay hydrated to support getting those toxins out. Dehydration traps toxins in the body and closes down elimination channels. Add lemon for a boost to cleansing your liver.

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May 122016

Save 50,000 Calories a Year

I’m always asked in my Nutritional Coaching & Personal Training business, does it really make a difference if I do something small. Seriously, how can 10 push-ups or ten sit-ups or five minutes of meditation or drinking an extra glass of water, or a walk around the block, going to make any difference in my life or for my health?


Well I have some surprising facts for you to reflect on.

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Aug 042014


5 Foods to Wean Yourself Off Sugar

This article by Raphael Kellman, M.D, caught my attention because as you may or may not know, I do love my sugar (did).  Something sweet after my meals seals the deal and I hate to admit it, but sugar comes calling my name when I’m feeling tired.  I don’t know why I just don’t have a nap??

Over the years I have definitely upgraded to healthier sweet options such as the raw treats (raw chocolate pudding, Raw Raspberry Cream Filled Chocolate Treats)   I blog about and only consuming home-baked goods.  I had to put some parameters in somewhere so anything store bought is off limits for me!.  I also know that I do like a little sugar and perhaps that is the problem because I don’t want to think that I can’t ever have it again (that makes me crazy and binge – just being honest) – it’s one of life’s treats in moderation.  Think of all the sweetness in fruits, dates, and raw dark chocolate. Continue reading »

Dec 202013

True Hunger or Toxic Hunger

After reading Chapter 6 “Breaking Free of Food Addiction” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, I was saddened by the fact that I eat when (and let’s be honest) I’m not hungry, or what I thought were hunger signs like a headache or growling tummy- shucks- but instead I was giving in to toxic hunger – whoops!

If you know me, I love to eat, so I keep reminding myself of what David Wolfe said, “The less you eat, the longer you live; the longer you live, the more you get to eat”.  Voila, this makes me HAPPY!! And since I plan on living a long healthy life, I’ll be able to enjoy my food for many many years!! Continue reading »