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Blood Cleansing Smoothie 

The cleaner your blood, the better your health.

spirulinaI mention spirulina in The Busy Mama Detox Program, as it is packed with chlorophyll and aids in the body’s natural detoxing. The key though is that not only does it get toxins out of your cells but it also gets them out of your body and this is key.

Think about dusting your home – dust flies up and while some might be carried away on the cloth or sucked up by the vacuum cleaner, some settles back down on to the surfaces. If we allow toxins to be released without getting them out of our bodies, then we can feel nausea, headaches etc.  It is imperative to get these toxin O-U-T of your system… a bonus your fat cells may start to shrink

1 -2 cups water

1 cored apple

1 peeled orange

2 cups raspberries or blueberries

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp spirulina (work up to this amount if needed)

1 tsp stevia or maple syrup or a date, if extra sweetness needed

Add ice cubes, if you like,  if you are not using frozen fruit

 My extras that I add in are:

1 tsp matcha green tea powder

1 tbsp 91-1 or Vitamineral greens

Put everything in the blender or Vitamix and let the detoxing begin!

Smoothie Money Saving Tip – Freezing Spinach  and freeze your bananas too!

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Read more about 91-1 and Vitamineral Greens in the Battle of the Greens

 What is Matcha Green Tea Powder?


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Did you know that fat cells store toxins?  Every time you eat/drink something that your body does not recognize, it stores it in your fat cells to keep it away from your organs to keep you & your health away from DANGER. How do you get the toxins out of your fat cells and out of your body?

Did you know that you can hold up to 5-10 pounds on fecal matter in your body?  Kind of gross, but true.

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Part 1 The Foundation and Self Reflection

Part 2 Getting UP & Detoxing your Breakfast

Part 3 Detoxing your Lunch

Part 4 Detoxing your Snacks

Part 5 Detoxing your Dinner

Part 6-12…join in on the detox fun and find out what’s to come!!


And so on….each week you will be emailed a new part that will break your day down into small parts so that changes are manageable.  You work at your own pace and I am here to answer any of your questions.


What are people saying……………………


The Busy Mama Detox Program is so easy to follow.  I don’t feel overwhelmed and it’s comforting to know that I can work at my own pace with Tanya’s guidance.  In one week I have more energy and my pants are looser. Laura – busy mama of 2


Tanya’s knowledge about healthy living is incredible.  She gives realistic advice that is doable and doesn’t leave you feeling like a failure. My skin is clearing up, I’m making better choices when it comes to eating (and I thought I was a healthy eater), and she provides really neat fat burning tips that I’ve never heard of before.  Enjoy this fabulous program.  Rose- busy mama of 2


The Busy Mama Detox is separated into three different programs that you can follow – easy to implement strategies to more involved strategies that you can work up to.  I’m a busy mama of 3 with barely enough time to read it, but Tanya’s layout makes it super easy to follow and her recommendations are the kick in the detox butt that I needed. Melanie –busy mama of 3


I’m a busy grandma and I am thrilled that the Busy Mama Detox also applies to me.  The changes are so simple and effective.  I’m consistently making these tiny changes and they have added up to more energy, mental clarity and looser fitting clothes.  All the other grandma’s are asking me what my secrets are! Laura – busy grand-mama of 4


I went from being constipated to regular bowel movements…do you know how incredible that feels! – Teresa busy mama of 2


Tanya’s Kid Corner Tips are fantastic.  One of her tips has tricked my kids into eating half the sugar they did the week before and they don’t even realize it – Michelle, busy mama of 2


I was out to lunch with my girlfriends and started chatting about The Busy mama Detox. One of my friends told me that she knows a woman whose son was diagnosed at the age of 2 as being mentally challenged and eventually would end up in an institution.  She moved to a new town and sought out a holistic doctor who told her to throw out everything in her fridge and cupboards and to put the family on a strictly raw diet.  That same boy just graduated from a very prestigious HS with honours and says that he knows when he’s not eating properly because his hearing starts to deteriorate.  eg. eating a slice of pizza  Pretty amazing!……Anyway, I’m spreading the word down here and continuing to detox my fridge, cupboards and body! Thank you! – Denise, busy mama of 3

In just 12 weeks

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