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20160214_103555 Are you Grounded?

What does it mean to be grounded?  When was the last time you walked around barefoot outside? Find out in this informative video  that shows how by simply using the earth’s energy you can reduce the inflammation in your body, decrease your chances of heart disease and so much more.

Grounding, sometimes called “Earthing”, is said to help with:

  • Reducing inflammation and chronic pain
  • Improving sleep
  • Increasing energy
  • Relieving muscle tension & headaches
  • Lowering stress
  • Improving blood pressure & blood flow
  • Improving mental clarity

Well, emerging science reveals that direct contact with the ground can have some pretty significant health benefits.

This might sound like something straight out of fringe science, but think about it… your body is actually an electrical being.  That’s why AED’s work when someone’s heart stops beating.

Our daily exposure to pollutants and modern technology such as Wi-Fi, electromagnetic waves and mobile phones can add high amounts of positive electrons (called free radicals) to build up in our bodies.

It’s believed that direct contact with the ground helps bring us back to a “neutral state” because the earth has a negative grounding charge.

Negative ions from the earth’s surface rush into our bodies to discharge the unpaired positive ions we’ve picked up.

I actually met and chatted at length with Clint Ober (very passionate about health) a few years ago at The Longevity Conference in California that is shown in this movie to my surprise.  I have also read his incredible book, Earthing – The most important health discover ever?  While we were at the conference we were all grounded which keeps you more awake and alert.  Since then, I have added grounding mats to our computers, sheets to our beds and also a grounding pad.

My grounding sheets are in rotation with my other sheets so not on my bed all the time and this is when I will use the grounding bed pad.  Funny enough, I had gotten out of the habit of putting it on and while watching this video in bed, I was inspired to get up and put it on!  See, we all need reminders!  With the summer behind us and the days of frolicking about in our bare feet and connecting with the earth’s frequency, it is important to stay grounded throughout the winter. That is unless you live in a sunny climate or have the opportunity for a hot sunny vacation.

grounding pad on bed

See my grounding bed pad on top of my sheets. The cord is plugged into the grounding part of the electrical outlet.

You can purchase grounding mats, patches, bed pads, shoes and outlet checkers, plus the Earthing book from Upayanaturals website – click the Housing and Grounding Products tab located on the left side of the screen.  Or you can hug a tree with yours arms (exposed skin), spend some time each day connected to the earth until the snow flies or cozy up in bed with your grounding mats or sheets!

Happy Grounding,  Tanya

PS. It stops your spouse from snoring!


20160215_165349Tanya Morrison has been in the Health/Wellness field for over two decades & has coached and trained many clients during this time. She is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach, Pilates/Aerobics/Yoga Instructor and more. She is the creator of Busy Mama Programs such as the Busy Mama Reboot, How to Become an Efficient Fat Burner, Busy Mama Detox & more. As a Juice Plus+ mum of 2 healthy kids, she is passionate about teaching others the POWER of whole food nutrition in the role of disease prevention. To find out more about these life changing programs check out the testimonials and information at Tanya also teaches many different classes at Move Your Body Studio in Bobcaygeon, and has written Healthy Snacks for Kids, Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans & Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness – Your Guide to Juicing & Blending.



 Earthing – The most important health discovery ever? By Clint Ober, Stephen Sinatra, Martin Zucker

Video link


grounding computer padMy grounding mat where I put my bare feet while at the computer