Jul 142014

The Anti-Cancer Body

Is Your Body in Motion?

Dr. Bouillet from the University of Paris states that exercise reduces the quantity of adipose (fat) tissue, the principal storage site of carcinogenic toxins.  Excess fat is the “toxic waste site” of the human body, says Devra Lee Davis from the University of Pittsburg.

bloated stomachFat cells store toxins

I have been in the fitness field for over two decades and what draws most people to exercise is weight loss, but I think it’s time to look behind the superficial curtain of weight loss for vanity and really understand that excess fat can be dangerous to your health. Your body was designed for movement and physical activity and unfortunately with the conveniences of life, we are not treating our bodies with the respect they deserve.

Physical activity is capable of reducing fat and taking with it its stockpile of contaminants. Movement is a prime method for “detoxifying” the body. YOU control how much movement you put in your day.

Benefits of Physical Exercise

  • Modifies our hormonal balance, it reduces excess estrogen and testosterone that stimulates the growth of cancers
  • Reduces blood sugar levels which results in the secretion of insulin and IGF (increases in insulin and IGF cause inflammation in your body and contribute to the growth and spread of cancerous tumors)
  • Increases your immune system which protects it against stress
  • Acts directly on the cytokines responsible for inflammation by lowering their level in the blood

Why do I add meditation to a lot of my classes?

  • You sleep better
  • You will feel less stressed
  • Your life feels richer with more meaning
  • Benefits your immune system
  • Calms you down and allows you to have perspective
  • Reduces cortisol levels and markers for cancer
  • Allows you to get in touch with your inner self that most of us have trained ourselves to ignore
  • Better regulation of blood sugar levels and reduces inflammation


Here’s a little workout for you….give it a go and modify where needed.


plank forearms starting position for opening and closing

Starting position for Plank – open and close your legs with control for 30-60 seconds, rest 10-20 seconds and repeat 5-10 times.  You can add in 8 pushups and 8 open/closing with legs for a bonus.

New to exercise – hold a plank on your knees with proper posture and breathe

shoulder press with weights one foot

Shoulder Press on one foot. Lift weight 15x – use whatever weight you feel comfortable lifting

Repeat exercise above (Open/close plank)

Follow with another round of shoulder press on the other foot.

Repeat Circuit #1 – 2 times.


Circuit #2

post delt standing band work add squat

Posterior deltoid with squats

Perform for one minute, followed by burpees (see below) for one minute.  Repeat set 2 times.

burpee 5

This is an action shot halfway through a burpee!!!  Either do burpees for 20-30 seconds, basketball jumps or skipping.  You MUST get your heart rate up!!!

Repeat Circuit #2 – 2 times.

Repeat Circuit #1, followed by Circuit #2, 2 times


Circuit #1 – 2 times

Circuit #2 – 2 times

Circuit 1 and 2 – 2 times

End with some deep breaths and stretches. Check out this Stretching Routine

Check out these other workouts to enjoy!

Chisel your inner and outer thigh

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Get outta bed – Saturday classes and HGH

Sculpt your core with these 3 exercises

Exercises for Sculpted & Sexy Shoulders

Stretch it OUT

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Be sure to treat yourself to a massage which helps to decrease the production of stress hormones and increase the number of NK cells in your body.

Lastly, physical touch has a profound effect on the cells of your body – it stimulates the life force in human adults on an emotional level and biological level inside their very cells. To read more about this pick up The Anti Cancer book and read page 181 and on!




Learn more by reading Anti Cancer by David Servan-Schreiber, MS, PhD