Mar 222015

Every day we are plugged in: constantly looking at our smartphones, staring at computer screens and ending the day in front of our TVs.

And it’s hard to disconnect, but sometimes it is necessary. We don’t see it, but electronics create electromagnetic waves not natural to the body. Over an extended period of time, these waves can affect us.

Tristan Truscott, sensei and founder of the Austin Martial Arts Academy and the Satori Method Academy, says technology is amazing, but using tech responsibly is equally important.

“It’s the electromagnetic pollution in the power lines, the microwaves, the Bluetooths, the cellphones, the towers,” Truscott says. “All of that, it’s constantly bombarding your electromagnetic circuitry. This may be what’s getting you disrupted.”

A disrupted electromagnetic circuitry can lead to stress and feeling disconnected with the earth itself. Inner peace may seem unattainable for people who are too connected to tech – they may not realize the best course of action is to perform a tech cleanse. Continue reading »