Sep 122016

Have I caught the virus of self-sabotage? Where I can’t move forward, start a (insert program name) program, read a new book, join a new class or follow a path of personal development because you-are-wonderful….
“I may invest all this time and money and not get the results I expected – or possibly make my life worse because I could have been doing something more productive with my time.”

Yes, sometimes I find myself stuck, unable to sort out which path I want to take next. I want to know the end result before I start…that I will learn (insert), that I will get stronger, smarter etc. And while I’m thinking about all of this, my life passes me by because I’m still not doing anything. Or I have a few choices to make but feel overwhelmed at which one I should start first- and instead of picking one, I pick none!

Fortunately I can catch myself in this pattern and step out of it realizing that: Continue reading »