Apr 302015

May is a month of gratitude and celebration of the feminine aspect of God –God the Mother who creates and nurtures all things including ourselves. The beauty of May draws us out of hibernation into a natural mindfulness of the blessing and abundance of nature. Gratitude and mindfulness are intimately related, for as we practice gratitude we become more aware, more present. We wake up.


In May our hearts remember what our minds sometimes forget —– LIFE IS A GIFT OF INESTIMABLE VALUE.  IT IS TIME TO UNWRAP THE GIFT.

In May the flowers are blossoming and the earth is greening.  The beauty of God runs riot in colours, fragrances, warmth and a dizzying plenitude of forms and species.  You awaken us cyclically from our sleep and bring forth every fruit in its season, the fruits of the earth and the fruits of our souls. Thank you for the life force that gives and nourishes life.
 Enjoy a personal meditation:

May you be at peace, May your heart remain open,
May you awaken to the light of your own true nature,
May you be healed, May you be a source of love and compassion to those around you. May you live in abundance. Continue reading »