Dec 312013

Move Your Body Studio wishes you the healthiest 2014.

If you haven’t been to classes lately, things have changed!  If you know me, nothing stays the same. Life is about growing and if I keep teaching the same old thing – move on and find another instructor – but I don’t because we are always changing as people.

The goal of every class is to

  • Help you live pain free                
    • Many of my clients have reduced pain in all areas of their bodies (necks, shoulders, backs, knees, hips), but the key is to come to class because I’m always teaching you new ways to move.
      • I continually emphasis the important of posture and as I learn new things, I pass them on to you. When you continually bring a postural change into your “everyday” your neural network begins to change and pain disappears.
      • New research has revealed that a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissue are the missing link to living pain free. This is why we “roll” in most classes. This will provide your body the architectural support that it needs and optimal mind-body communication.


  • Create new routines thinking “outside the exercise box”
    • I want you to function in your everyday world. A strong core is not about how many “crunches” you can do but rather how it holds you when you are carrying groceries bags from your car on an icy surface.  If I don’t take that into account while putting together a class then I’m not doing my BEST for you and I want the BEST for you, so I do!


  • Be Mindful
    • WOW!  The changes that have happened this year with the increased mindfulness & breathing exercises in the classes have been incredible.  My participants are telling me how “less reactive” they are to people & situations, they are sleeping better, they are living “more in the present moment”, they are less “critical” of themselves, they are more “grateful”, and they are more mindful of what they are putting in their mouths.

These are just a few goals that I strive for in each class that I wanted to share with you! I LOVE what I do, I am PASSIONATE about helping others live the healthiest that they can, so if you want to slow down the aging process, live pain free, maintain or achieve a fit, healthy body, then I’d love to see you moving your body at Move Your Body Studio!

Thank you for your commitment to YOUR HEALTH,

With much appreciation,



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