Aug 162016


Realign Restore Meditate

You may think walking is easy until you can’t do it. You may experience pain in your feet, knees and or hips. And although even without pain walking may seem simple, it’s a very complex movement as it involves balancing on one foot without your conscious awareness.

If you experience any pain with walking (or anything for that matter) or never want to experience pain then taking part in the realign Restore Meditate Class is for you.

“Life changing class. Tanya is teaching me things I never thought to think about when it comes to my posture, my movement, my thoughts and how easy it is to incorporate into my everyday.” – Vicki

When you have stuck stress (unbeknownst to you) in your legs it causes a break down in the hydration levels of your tissues and as a result you may experience joint compression, uncoordinated movement, stiffness, poor balance, muscle tension and more. Issues with your legs can also result in pain in your hips, back and neck.

Are you tired of feeling this pain? Or perhaps you never want to feel this pain.

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