Jun 192014

Why can chocolate help make us skinny?

Chocolate is the number ONE food craved by women – and that’s not a bad thing if you eat the right chocolate.


 This is for all of you that don’t want to drown yourselves in white flour & sugar or butter anymore.  I’ve heard it so many times, “I can’t just have one chocolate (bar) or chocolate chip cookie”.  I’ll admit that I have a “sugar problem” too and have been known to binge on cookies and chocolate, so if you have a sweet tooth like me or a tendency to eat more than “one” cookie, there is a way to still indulge your sweet tooth knowing that it is delicious and nutritious.  I have spent years sifting through recipes and replacing my cookbooks and dessert recipes and have compiled the recipes in this guide to share with you.  It has helped to keep me away from baking cookies or eating sickly chocolate bars.

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