Mar 052015
Every day leave the world a little brighter than you found it.
Speak from Soul to Soul.
 Honor the other’s essence. See beyond the layers of armor put on, willed into place, defaulted into being as shields to social tumbling. Let kindness loosen the screws that hold the visor down tight. Allow love to dissolve the mental patterns that script the plot of guard.
blue skyYour light is bright. Shine it through the armor’s cracks; steadfast, gentle, every day. The sun gives us light daily; and even on days you can’t see her, know she’s there behind the clouds. 
Likewise, you can choose to carry your light into the world every day. Be peace. Be love. 
Be gratitude. 
Be living proof that peace is real. That love is real. That gratitude is real.  
Touch a Soul today.

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Jul 072014

Stronger Back, Improved Balance and Increased Quality of Life…just from Pilates 

I have been teaching Pilates since 1997.  When I first starting teaching I have to be honest…it was hard to slow down and be more mindful and present with my movements, but I would NEVER stop doing it now as it has transformed my body. I’m leaner, more flexible, have great balance and feel INCREDIBLE.  I want you to feel these benefits too.

image003Pilates continues to gain popularity and has proven benefits according to the Idea’s  June 2014 article “Proven Benefits of Pilates.” I shall share with you a few points and then come and see for yourself by taking Pilates classes offered at Move Your Body Studio.

Increases Flexibility – Practicing Mat Pilates increases lower back, upper body and hamstring flexibility

Better Dynamic Balance – With just 5 weeks of Pilates, adults had better balance and fewer falls

Muscle Endurance – Increased muscle endurance in both the abdominals and low-back endurance just after 8 weeks of classes 3 times per week

More Life Satisfaction – Improvements in physical self-concept, psychological well-being, mood, and sleep improved in just 12 weeks.

Do these work-outs at home….remember though consistency is the Key to Your Healthy Life…so if you are looking for motivation, then make classes a part of your week. Classes are:

Monday’s 7:15-8pm Core Commotion – Pilates based

Engage in real life functional movement patterns such as twisting, bending, pushing, & pulling executed in a FUN and creative way using Pilates techniques. Core training, balance and flexibility are all included to create a total well rounded program. Your CORE is craving some Commotion!!

Wednesday’s at 9am – Core Conditioning

Saturday’s at 9am – Restorative Pilates with Meditation

Bad Posture leads to Thoracic Kyphosis – symptoms & remedies

Wild at Heart



Apr 142014

I always love adding stretching to my day…here are a few basic stretches that will relax your body and mind.  A relaxed mind makes you feel happier and calmer.  Don’t you feel better and more motivated when you are happier and calmer??

hip flexor stretchHip Flexor

  • Kneeling, step your right  leg forward
  • Keep your knee in line with ankle allowing your left hip to open and feel the stretch
  • Keep back knee on the floor or lift it up.  If your knee is up, press back through your heel and feel all five toes on the floor to keep your legs/hips in line
  • Keep your back long, shoulder blades down on your back and chest lifted
  • Breath and hold for 30-60 seconds focusing on the stretch
  • Switch legs


quad stretchQuad Stretch

  • Stand up tall, hold your left foot in your left hand
  • Keep your hips, knees and shoulders in line
  • Push your foot into your hand to increase the stretch
  • If needed use a wall for balance or increase difficulty by reaching arm up to ceiling
  • Breath and hold for 30-60 seconds focusing on the stretch
  • Switch legs


hamstring stretchHamstring Stretch

  • Lie on your back with proper posture – back is neither touching the floor or arched – keep in neutral posture throughout the exercise
  • Use a tie/band/towel and secure it around your right foot
  • Keep your right leg straight, open up through the back of the knee, relax your toes, push heel to ceiling – feel the stretch
  • Lengthen left leg on floor keeping toes towards ceiling, bend knee if needed but don’t round through your back
  • Breath and hold for 30-60 seconds focusing on the stretch
  • Switch legs


figure 4 stretchGlute Stretches


  • Lie on your back with proper posture – back is neither touching the floor or arched – keep in neutral posture throughout the exercise
  • Put your right foot just under your left knee and flex your feet
  • Depending on tightness, keep your left foot on floor or lift in to table top position
  • If in table top position, gently push your right knee away from you and your right foot towards you to deepen the stretch.
  • Breath and hold for 30-60 seconds focusing on the stretch
  • Switch legs


cross leggedCross Legged

  • Sit with legs crossed
  • Inhale and lift your arms to the ceiling
  • Exhale and fold forwards
  • Put your head on a block if desired to relax your lower back
  • Breath into your lower back and feel the stretch in your ankle, glutes, hips and back for 30-60 seconds
  • Switch legs



coverFor those that can’t make it to class, I have written Get The Skinny on Skinny Jeans

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  • Receive your very own 7-day Exercise, Food and Attitude Master Plan
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  • Squeezing this in your water can keep you looking younger in your Skinny Jeans

And so much more

“Tanya’s simple tip of not changing anything but just to notice has been an incredible tip that has resulted in a 10lb weight loss” – Sarah

“Love the format of being able to skip back and forth from charts, to form, to exercise pictures. Your honesty about how to live your healthiest life is refreshing!  You’ve taken out the ‘guilt reflex’ of exercise and eating and asked people to make changes a little bit at a time. 

Your passion and dedication to your family and clients is apparent in this e book and is CONTAGIOUS”.  – Laura

Looking for more

You can find exercise routines on my website such as Condition Your Core and  Sculpt your Sexy Shoulders and I have a plethora of exercises any one can do on my You-Tube Channel such as Terrific Triceps – 3 minutes a day will get you on your way to some terrific looking triceps !

Apr 072014

Pleasure Abound with the Second Chakra

Don’t worry if you haven’t been to class lately, we are just having fun implementing some life energy work into our moves and you can join in at any time.

Where the First Chakra is satisfied by survival, the Second Chakra is constantly seeking pleasure, but balanced is best.

Need a Chakra Recap: click here

Second Chakra – Pleasure

2nd chakra orange lady in meditation

  • Located in the pelvis, drawn to colour orange and stones  – amber and carnelian
  • Search for pleasure, desire to enjoy the experience of sensual and sexual activities, enjoy life
  • Magnetism – what attracts /repels you?


  • Can be dangerous without values – the search for pleasure reduces itself to hedonism and an undisciplined life
  • To experience pleasure is one thing, but to recognize the experience as enjoyable and then enter into the felt sense of appreciation of the moment – now that’s an art
  • The 2nd chakra grasps for whatever brings pleasure and these experiences habituate very easily – sex, drugs tobacco, chocolate and drugs
  • The lure of the habit overcomes the individual trapped in this center and the thought of pleasure drives one to indulge
  • When you are in habit mode you are attempting to recreate a pleasure remembered from the past- which cannot lead to fulfillment.
  • What is pushed down grows stronger. Taking part in the indulgence while simultaneously staying aware is the antidote.
  • We tend to lose awareness during the pursuit of pleasure – the trick is to stay fully conscious and mindful during the experience. This is different from quitting the experience – the yearning for the experience doesn’t leave it just gets pushed down. It is better to let your indulgences drop away as they no longer serve you. As you focus more on the current pleasure instead of the pursuit of pleasure, you will leave certain indulgences behind with a conscious awareness that the experience no longer leads to the promised pleasure.  Be present during the experience – not pre or post experience!


Sitting comfortably with spine lengthened, eyes softly closed, draw your attention to your breath to bring you into this present moment.

Consider an experience of pleasure gratification that you often take part in, but tend to feel guilty about. Reach for the object of pleasure and experience it with full awareness.

  • How do you experience the sensation of this experience – Enjoyable? Guilty?
  • Where do you feel it in your body?
  • How are you experiencing the sensation?
  • Bring your full awareness to the experience. You will find that this sensitizes your capacity for pleasure and you are satisfied with less.

Allow yourself to sit for a few moments with the feelings created by this meditation. Bring your awareness back to your breath and then slowly open your eyes.

To fully experience the Grounding meditations use the fabulous essential oils from Living Libations. My class LOVES the aroma of the Sacral Chakra – Creativity – which encourages interaction of pleasure and flow.


  • A balanced Pleasure chakra is when you have a creative and controlled passion for life. You have the ability to lose yourself spontaneously in the wonder of life. Your sex life is harmonious with your needs. Involving yourself with nature, art, dance and beauty enrich this chakra.
  • You are self-assured, have a positive self image knowing that you have the ability to attract all that you will need from the universe.
  • You are deeply satisfied while experiencing the delight of your senses


Major clue for noticing an imbalance is the second chakra is a desire to lose yourself in sex, drugs, alcohol, food or any stimulating sensations.

  • If unbalanced, the search for pleasure is not completed by a sense of fulfillment and the chase is on. Imbalance leads to insensitivity. Stronger and stronger doses of pleasure are required to get through the numbness surrounding the heart. Is it the wounds of previous experiences or the cynical callousness of mistrust that blocks the balanced perspective? Whatever it is, it is not worth it; let go of the issue and come back into balance by finding something to enjoy and experience with the totality of your being
  • If you feel inadequate or uncomfortable in social situations this is another clue to a lack of balance in the second chakra.
  • The only way to regain balance is from the inside out. You have to get there yourself; not wait for the external situation to change.

 peace saying


When next hugged, or while tasting something delightful or listening to a beautiful song, close your eyes for a moment and focus on the deep sense of satisfaction you are feeling. Enter into thankfulness for the experience and focus on the delight in every cell of your body.  Feel the aliveness.

Tips to Awaken

  • The next time you feel dull and life seems to have lost its shine, try a conscious immersion into pleasure
  • How does a hot bath feel? What music is playing? How does the water feel against every skin cell? What beauty do you see in the room?
  • Focus on the delight of your senses
  • Let go of all the guilt and any “shoulds” about what you ought to be doing right now and fully surrender to the pleasure of the moment. Go  to the place within you that notices this pleasure and acknowledge how satisfying it is

peace in all of us

May you be balanced throughout your day!



PS. Something else to add to your healthy living….

The pineal gland, an endocrine gland located in the brain, is said to be the seat of the soul – sometimes referred to as “the third eye”. This gland is believed to be involved in reaching higher levels of consciousness.

For the people that seek to fully activate their spiritual potential and tap into the power of the pineal gland, one must begin by strengthening its function through detoxification and proper nutrition. Click here to keep reading about the 6 foods to boost your spirituality.


Chakras For Beginners – A Guide to Balancing your Chakra Energies by David Pond

Living Libations essential oils – Their 7 Chakra Essences are bundled for you!!! Every blend is a liquid jewel for harmonizing each chakra.  Each combination offers a gift to expand your harmony, and glow. Anoint your pulse points for meditation and to harmonize your energy centers, auric field and cruise your cerebrospinal muse.

Jan 032014

Super Charged Pina Colada

green drinkWho says you have to be lying on a beach to enjoy a pina colada?

In just 10 minutes you can whip this up, sit back, sip, close your eyes and escape to the sound of the waves and the sun beaming down upon you!

Super charge your pina colada…rich in digestive enzymes & cleansing ingredients to keep you trim and vibrant! Continue reading »