Mar 072014

Many classes are offered at Move Your Body Studio with various elements from Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, Flexibility, HIIT, and the list goes on…I must admit that I am “all over the health map” with exercise/fitness. I can’t do just one thing and our minds and bodies were not set up that way either. I like be open to many different teachings and it has helped many of my clients and class participants look at their life in more “open” way.

Lately in the Core Conditioning Class we have been adding in elements of the Chakras and how they apply to our daily living and the movements during class.  Whether you make it to class or can apply these principles in your day….enjoy!

Recap: What is a Chakra?


  • Life is energy and the chakras are about energy
  • The chakras are the storehouses and transmitters of the universal energy, and each chakra represents distinct frequencies within the universe
  • The chakras are spinning vortexes of subtle energy located along the spine from the base to the crown. Each of these seven main chakras offers a different perspective on life or any given situation.
    • Imagine the chakras as seven floors in a building. When you are on the bottom floor your view is significantly different then if you were looking out the window on the 7th floor. With each successive elevation, your view becomes successively more expansive.  If the window is clean and clear, your view will be clear, however, beliefs can cloud the windows and either distort your view or challenge you to change them. If you want to get a clearer view then you need to be ready to challenge your existing beliefs to clean them. As you consider each chakra, reflect on how each one manifests in your life.

First Chakra – Survival

tree root first chakra

  • Root of your being
  • Primary drive is survival – trust no one
  • To understand first chakra pay close attention to your animal nature and what it takes to stay vital – what type of environment and habitat most stimulates your being? Are you able to live in it – mountains/city/country? If not, how can you bring it into your home/space (flowers, favourite park)
  • This chakra is where the first test in consciousness occurs
  • Balanced – you are in the environment that your physical being thrives in
  • Unbalanced – feelings of insecurity, fear of insufficiency, victim of life

First Chakra Exercises and Meditation

We have been working on our balance in standing and laying positions while working our core muscles

Meditation – Grounding meditations using the Root Chakra Kundalini Essential Oil from Living Libations

Sitting comfortably, with your eyes softly closed, imagine a grounding cord that runs from your spine deep into the earth. Imagine in your minds’ eye any excessive mental energy running down your spine and dissipating through the grounding cord into the earth. Imagine the grounding cord growing roots, like giant trees. Picture the roots of your grounding cord intermingling with the roots of the giant trees. Now imagine that you can draw energy up from the earth through your grounding cord. Picture the same centered strength of the trees being accessible to you, too.

Tips to awaken first chakra

  • Tree Pose
  • Go into nature and notice your connection to the earth
  • Visualize the colour red and feel it’s power and vitality coursing through you – wear it and seek it out
  • Hold a garnet, ruby, obsidian to align with balanced strength and passion

With much love and appreciation for your dedication to your health,


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Chakras For Beginners – A Guide to Balancing your Chakra Energies by David Pond

Living Libations essential oils – Their 7 Chakra Essences are bundled for you!!! Every blend is a liquid jewel for harmonizing each chakra.  Each combination offers a gift to expand your harmony, and glow. Anoint your pulse points for meditation and to harmonize your energy centers, auric field and cruise your cerebrospinal muse.