Mar 292015

Vanishing Muffin Top Workout

Ab work is the number one request I get in my classes. But remember, there is no such thing as spot reduction, so if you want the washboard abs your diet needs to reflect this desire and you also need to add cardio and weights to your routine. I’ve had washboard abs for months at a time throughout the years but not consistently…I’m being honest. Sure, I have incredibly toned abs & I’m strong but as soon as I let up on the eating and letting life take over, they disappear underneath some fat. I don’t have any genetic predisposition to a 6-pack so it’s related to my desire, my eating and exercise habits that I choose at that time.

Here is a part of the Vanishing Muffin Top Workout from Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans to reduce the size of your muffin top. If you DO the exercises and change your diet accordingly, you can make a difference.

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Mar 012015

Saggy Butt to Perky Butt Moves

Saggy Butt to Perky Butt with these butt lifting and strengthening moves.

Remember, there is no such thing as spot reducing but you can target areas to tighten them up.

Here is a sample workout from Get the Skinny On Skinny Jeans – Saggy Butt Begone Workout

Do 15-30 reps 3x/week and for an extra bonus, add in at least 30 minutes of cardio- and in no time you will have a perky butt.  Follow Tanya’s trainer tips! Looking for more, check out the BUSY MAMA DETOX to get rid of even more fat cells!


 Trainer’s Tips for Glute Exercises!

  • Apply equal pressure when squeezing the ball with both legs
  • Focus on squeezing the ball from the inner thigh not at your knees
  • Pull your heels toward you without moving them. This fires up the hamstrings! FEEL IT??
  • Press your arms into the floor for extra triceps and back work
  • Wrap your tailbone between your legs
  • Lengthen your chin into your chest
  • Focus on your glutes and feel them working


Glute Lift and Glute Lift with Ball between knees

glute lift with ball

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Apr 212014

bw aerobicChisel your Inner and Outer Thighs

I love working my inner and outer thighs!!! In just 4 weeks of dedicated inner and outer thigh exercises you will notice a difference.  There is no such thing as spot reducing but you can target areas to tighten them up.

So, if you are looking for strong, toned legs …check out these 4 exercises. Continue reading »

Mar 142014

Intermittent Fasting: How to Enhance Your Body’s Ability to Burn Fat – by Dr. Mercola

Joan holding up her pants

Intermittent fasting is a powerful approach to eating that is becoming very popular because it can help you lose weight without feeling hunger, and help reduce your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. If done correctly, intermittent fasting can also lead to better sleep and lots of energy.

So far, research overwhelmingly supports this notion that ditching the “three square meals a day” approach in favor of intermittent fasting may do wonders for your health. This type of scheduled eating was practiced by our ancestors, since they did not have the frequent access to food that we have now.


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Jan 242014

You’re so lucky to be thin and in shape


My passion is health and longevity. Skinny and thin doesn’t impress me much. Strong, independent, happy, empowering, and healthy people impress me! People who want the best health for themselves and their families excite me!

I wasn’t a super star athlete as some people have assumed because of my chosen career path. I was a person who did some activity. I figure skated for 5 years from ages 7 to 13. I did baton, I dabbled in track and field in high school and attended aerobics classes throughout high school and university.

In 1992, I graduated from The University of Western Ontario with no idea of what I wanted to do. I decided to attend George Brown College and lived and breathed their Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program. I was HOOKED on exercise. I truly loved how it made me feel…strong, independent, tight, thin, and happy. Continue reading »

Jan 142014

How to avoid Nighttime eating when you know you are NOT hungry!

I know you aren’t munching on lettuce during your t.v. viewing or when you are sneaking those night time snacks.  Question is, are you even hungry or is it just a mindless habit that is causing weight gain or sabotaging your weight loss efforts?


We all know that we shouldn’t be eating anti-nutrient snacks, so step up and become conscious of what you are doing.  Get honest with yourself about this habit.

Here are a few really quick and easy tips:

  1. Floss and brush your teeth after dinner – who wants to do that again 🙂
  2. Place cut up veggies and place them in front of you- nighttime eating is usually when the consumption of “BAD” food enters our bodies. If you don’t want to drink a smoothie or munch on veggies you probably aren’t hungry. And hey, if you are trying to break this habit gently, eat the goodness of real food and then take the next step of not “noshing” when you are not hungry.
  3. Journal – why are you eating? Emotional, avoidance – this may be painful but very beneficial to uncover your reasons. Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans e-book is a great resource and may be a great start for you to uncover these issues and get you on the right path to living healthy in your skinny jeans!
  4. Drink water with lemon, tea, chia  etc
  5. Find another activity that won’t allow you to eat mindlessly! How about a few deeps breaths.
  6. If you are hungry, perhaps you are not eating enough during the day. Have an honest look at your daily eating habits – become a “health detective”- and see what changes you could make. Also, check out  True vs. Toxic Hunger – this was “eye-opening” for me!

Mindless nighttime eating is just that – mindless.  It adds extra-unwanted calories into your body resulting in extra padding or FAT!

If you’re not hungry- food won’t fix it.


What suggestions do you have to avoid night time “noshing”, “binge-ing”, “sabotage”???

Here’s to a healthy year!


Jan 102014

It’s about changing white fat to brown fat

Have you ever thought about the fact that you have brown fat and white fat in your body?

According to the “Exercise Promotes “Good” Fat” article in the September 2013 IDEA Fitness Journal, brown fat is thought to be metabolically active in that it helps burn calories and may ward against weight gain and diabetes. New research shows that exercise can increase the body’s “good” fat. This too is another wonderful reason to get up and moving!

It’s not just about Losing weight it’s about not Gaining weight

Figure 1 Celebrate your success

As a Personal Trainer, I find that there is so much focus on losing weight, but what if you’ve lost weight and not put it back on – I would call that a success. Sure, maybe you’d like to lose even more weight but holding steady and letting your lifestyle catch up to your current weight and stabilize is – what I would call another success. Be proud of your journey!!!

What if, you are changing your white fat to brown fat which is more metabolically active but the results aren’t showing up quickly enough on the scale…do you abandon your exercise routine? Does the scale dictate your exercise and healthy living adventure or can you step back and feel great knowing that perhaps you won’t end up with more weight gain or diabetes?

Being in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I know that the majority of people want to lose weight (whether it’s 50lbs or 5lbs), but let’s celebrate the success of making healthy lifestyle choices, adding movement into our days and being grateful for the magnificence of our body.

Add these fabulous e-books to your healthy journey:

Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans – The Food, The Attitude, The WorkOut

Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness – Your Guide to Juicing and Blending

Healthy Snacks for Kids

What successes are you celebrating???


To your health,


Tanya Morrison


Jan 042014

Honestly, do I really need to exercise???

Well, I guess you don’t, but you’d be missing out on all the wonderful things that your body can do for you and showing it the respect it deserves! Not only will your body feel better but you will have more energy, sleep better, and your mind will be more at ease and focused.  The benefits of exercise are endless and I believe that just by getting up and moving you will find this out for yourself!

“You definitely kick started me into being more mindful of the things that are under my control.”

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Jan 012014

The Secret to Weight Loss  – Consistency

Are you consistently making healthy choices?

Are you consistently integrating healthy choices into your daily living?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Are you going insane???

Making changes requires you to be conscious of your daily choices.

  • How many times do you make excuses not to exercise? 
  • How many times do you make excuses just to have this treat, this drink, this cigarette just this time?
  • How many times do you change something only to give up within days, weeks or months? 

Do we gain weight after eating one burger and fries – no, but if you are consistently eating high-fat, nutrient deficient foods, you will soon have unnecessary body fat and a nutrient deficient body and inflammation (inflammation is the root cause of all disease). Do you lose weight after a  salad, no – but if you continue to eat nutrient dense foods, you will have cells that thrive which will result in a leaner body mass, and a healthier, happier and more energetic body!

So many of the changes you make take weeks, months, years to add up.  Don’t sabotage your efforts by giving up so quickly!  Trying something for a week will have little or no effect in the long-run….

  • What will stick???
  • What will you change?
  • What will you consistently do?

For years I had the belief that I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I worked out.  I was consistently thin but consistently unhealthy.

 In 2005, with 2 little boys now by my side, I was tired of being sick all the time!  Since that time, I have consistently been making changes to my diet and my family’s…here are a few tips, and remember it’s about PROGRESS not PERFECTION.

  •  We drastically cut our meat intake and replaced it with more vegetables, quinoa, lentils and started to focus more on plant-based nutrition. When I do buy meat I try to make sure it is local, organic and grass fed.
  • Started juicing in September 2007.   I have used it 6/7 days per week since then and LOVE it.  I am getting more veggies.  I have re-invented what breakfast is “supposed” to be and can’t imagine any other way to start my day.

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  • My children also juice (more fruit than veggies).  It’s more hit and miss but better than none at all.  They also love to name the drink each morning – some of their favourites: Tropical Thunder & Green Express. I also put together Healthy Snacks for Kids e-guide packed full of great ideas to raise healthy kids.


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  • In 2010, I started to replace the sweets I like with dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate has so many great benefits that I wanted to replace (or limit my sugary treats). Try these, The Willy Wonka, Raw Raspberry Cream Filled Chocolate Treats, Chocolate Almond and Sesame Bliss Balls
  • Increased the size of my garden and the variety of what I planted.  I also take the time to freeze the excess for our winter enjoyment. Check out this super easy trick to save money and have greens for your smoothies.
  • Support local farmer’s marketsand try different produce from the growers. By taking The $10 Challenge – spending just $10 a week on local food (farmer’s markets), we’d have an additional $2.4 billion in our local economy at the end of the year and create new jobs and keep our local farmers in business (source –
  • There are definitely veggies that I did not like, but when I educated myself about certain ones (i.e. kale, cilantro and arugula) and found out how powerful they can be to my health, I started to add them gradually to my diet.  I must confess that I use them mostly in my juice drinks or green smoothies but there’s nothing wrong with that! 

Dr. Joel Fuhrman states that, “We must taste a food 12-18 times before we like it, 75% of us give up after 5 tries”)

wheatgrass and sunflowers

  • In 2007, I tried Sprouting. For a while I was on a roll and in the habit, but after a few lengthy clean-ups, I decided to buy them occasionally from the store and put my sprouting production on hold.  Having to change the water and spin dry the seeds, I was putting the sprouting container in a bag and whipping it around like a washing machine on a super high spin cycle when all of a sudden – the bag broke- and along with it hundreds of mung beans scattered in every direction in my kitchen- I decided to take a break!  I enjoyed the process and it was fascinating to watch them sprout and although I know they are super healthy for me I will need to devise another method of sprouting to continue this adventure.
  • So…..jump forward to 2011 and I am growing wheatgrass and my own sunflower sprouts in soil- I’m still experimenting- so in the meantime, I buy wheatgrass shots and sprouts when I’m out too! I also now can grow seeds in mason jars! Yeah!! Sometimes I’m on a sprouting roll and other times not – it’s about about the habits we get into!
  • In 2010, I also started to introduce a lot more raw veggies into my diet and went on a raw food adventure! I have also added Chorella tablets to my daily diet. (See Tanya’s favourites for the Upayanaturals on-line wellness store)
  • In 2011, I cleaned out anything I put on my skin, teeth and hair and went natural, check out Tanya’s 5 Beauty Secrets and Whiter Brighter Teeth
  • In 2013 I finished Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans which is an accumulation of 2 decades of helpful lifestyle tips and 7 different work outs for those just starting out to the seasoned workout health guru! Pick up your copy today


  • Lastly, I consistently exercise. Whether it is a walk outside with my dogs, a killer session on my stairmaster, skipping rope, breathing, pilates and meditation, it is vitally important to keep our bodies moving!! Give them the respect they deserve. Check out the great videos I offer on my You-Tube Channel, such as Terrific Triceps, Rock Solid Abs, Tight Butt and much more.

Move your body class shots (11)

I hope that some of these suggestions can be incorporated into your healthy living. I am not here to convert you, only to provide you with my experience of what has worked for me to make me HEALTHIER!  We all have our own path, so enjoy the journey!

And on a very honest note, I enjoy indulgences but they do not consistently make up my diet.  I exercise a lot of discipline to eat this way but the health benefits far outweigh the consistency of making unhealthy choices.

Ready to add consistency to your life, contact Tanya at and schedule a consultation!  Start your changes and reap the benefits of a leaner, fitter more energetic body!!

 Need more motivation …check out Holly’s story

Think that I’ve always had it easy with my weight, check out Cookie Dough in the Dark


You definitely kick started me into being more mindful of the things that are under my control.     Tanya and I worked together for a few months and then I moved away.  When we started I weighted about 175 lbs. Since I moved, I’ve continued to learn more about nutrition, sleep and moving my body and keeping on the path we discussed. I am now down to 145 lbs, eating better, sleeping better and much more active. Thanks for giving me that push to really start THINKING about what I was doing. Mindfulness has been a real saviour to improving my health. Thank you, Carolyn R.


Eat to Live- Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Aggressive Health Mike Nash

Thrive Fitness and Thrive Diet by Brendan Brazier

Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness and Get the Skinny on Skinny Jeans by Tanya Morrison

Inspired by the birth of my children to be as healthy as possible!

About Tanya:  “I am a real person, living in the real world!  I believe in living a healthy life, not an obsession to be thin.  I believe in being independent, strong (physically and mentally), moving my body and eating healthily.” – Tanya Morrison, 20+ years experience in the health, wellness & fitness field. Personal Trainer, Pilates/Aerobics/CPR & First Aid Instructor, Weight Management Consultant, blogger, and mother to two healthy and active boys!

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Dec 202013

True Hunger or Toxic Hunger

After reading Chapter 6 “Breaking Free of Food Addiction” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, I was saddened by the fact that I eat when (and let’s be honest) I’m not hungry, or what I thought were hunger signs like a headache or growling tummy- shucks- but instead I was giving in to toxic hunger – whoops!

If you know me, I love to eat, so I keep reminding myself of what David Wolfe said, “The less you eat, the longer you live; the longer you live, the more you get to eat”.  Voila, this makes me HAPPY!! And since I plan on living a long healthy life, I’ll be able to enjoy my food for many many years!! Continue reading »