Mar 022017

Muscle Mania

Thursday’s 8:15am – March Classes

March 2nd

March 9th

No Classes March 16 and 23rd due to March Break

March 30th

Full steam ahead for April , May, June….

Without weight training your muscles will atrophy and lose mass?

Who cares, you may be thinking? 

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Feb 192014

Sculpted & Sexy Shoulders

Why work your shoulders?

Aside from looking great, your shoulders are involved in just about everything you do so exercising them will make daily functioning that much easier. In addition, your resistance training program should target all of your muscle groups, so make sure your routine is well-rounded. Your shoulder muscles are fairly small, so you may not be able to use as much weight as you can for your chest or your back. 1 In this article I will focus on your medial and posterior deltoids. Continue reading »