Oct 062016

appleWhile food (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) is the gas that allows our bodies to run (macronutrients), we also need oil, in the form of micronutrients (from vegetable and fruits) or else our engine will fail.

As depicted by this apple. The one of the right shows our cells when nourished properly with whole foods, while the one of the left shows our cells rusting as they do on a daily basis.


Every time we exercise, train, workout – whatever you want to call it- it causes oxidative damage (the apple on the left side) to our healthy cells (in fact every time we breathe we create rusting from within known as free radical damage, oxidative stress, reactive oxygen species. About 2-5% of available oxygen is converted to free radicals but it’s increased about 10-20% higher when we exercise). Continue reading »