Feb 042017

Living Libation products (1)Teeth Care 101

Today, this `Cool Healthy Chick` is talking about teeth, and yes, I was made fun of because when I was doing it, it wasn`t the `norm`.

I’m used to being ridiculed!!!

And opposed.

That`s OK, I can handle it.

Because then comes the fact that it is accepted as self-evident!! (things that were one ridiculed, like light bulbs & planes)

So many of the health topics that I share you with, my clients, my friends & family are typically not discussed in mainstream media.

Like these….. Continue reading »

Mar 262014

Living Libation products (1)Amazing Tooth Tips from Living Libations!

Your teeth are living beauties that provide you with so much pleasure (think being able to eat food) but can be a source of REAL PAIN! http://moveyourbody.ca/wp_health_wellness/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif


For decades I was told to floss, brush, use rubber tips, & buy Sensodyne for my sensitive teeth from my dentist.  Although I do floss and brush regularly I wasn’t solving the long term issues of plaque build-up, sore gums, sensitive teeth until I read Nadine’s information of her website Living Libations.  Her Successful Self Dentistry Book (which I purchased asap and read cover to cover) and her teeth products have changed my teeth more in one dentist visit then years of using conventional methods. Truly, my dentist was surprised at the decreased plaque, the tightening of my gums and the amount of saliva in my mouth. Continue reading »

Dec 192013

 teeth products liv libWhiter, Brighter and Healthier Teeth

Are you ready to trade in your store bought toothpaste?

Why, should you even bother?

Unfortunately most commercial toothpastes have nasty chemicals lurking in them???

And then you ingest them.

Remember all the stuff I’ve been talking about when it comes to toxins and how your fat cells then encapsulate the toxins?

Well, here is another area that you can start to make toxin free and shrink those peesky suckers. Continue reading »