Feb 222017

raw chocolate shortbread

Raw Chocolate Shortbread from Rawtarian.com

Every year I love searching for new recipes and then taste testing them for my Move Your Body Studio clientele.

My class participants and personal training clients love the box for raw goodies they receive every year and the samples they get to taste throughout the year.

This is one of their FAVORITES!!!

My clients now want to make these recipes because they are so delicious and satisfy the sweet tooth in a healthy way.

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Feb 152017

skinny choc shakeSkinny Chocolate Shake

So we are the typical family that loves a good burger, fries and milkshake.

And this is a super fun family meal to make together.

When I can, I love to upgrade our meals to be just a bit healthier. Such as buying grass fed beef, or local. Making our own fries from local potatoes and using coconut oil in the oven.

And lastly adding a yummy milkshake to wash it all down!

My kids love this. It’s a great step up from having a traditional milkshake. This one is loaded with nutritional goodness and you can add more ice and less liquid to make it thicker. Continue reading »

Jan 292015

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly and you may be hearing chocolate calling your name.

I love chocolate and I eat it every day.  Years ago it was Snickers, Skor, and too many to mention! Plus lots of homemade baking with butter, sugar and flour. But I had to change…years of eating like this was affecting my moods, my hormones, my teeth, my waistline and more.

I started experimenting by making tasty treats with raw chocolate and coconut oil. I have used many recipes from various sites and also created some of my own.

So as this Valentine’s rolls around (and then Easter, and then someone’s birthday and of course, the Halloween candy will be lining the aisles soon enough)…try these creations. I promise you will change your taste buds and they will be wanting these treats and not the unhealthy ones!


Raw Chocolate Rum Balls

Raw Raspberry Cream Filled Chocolates

Chocolate Almond Bliss Bars

Chocolate Decadence Shake

Maca Cacao Balls

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Jun 192014

Why can chocolate help make us skinny?

Chocolate is the number ONE food craved by women – and that’s not a bad thing if you eat the right chocolate.


 This is for all of you that don’t want to drown yourselves in white flour & sugar or butter anymore.  I’ve heard it so many times, “I can’t just have one chocolate (bar) or chocolate chip cookie”.  I’ll admit that I have a “sugar problem” too and have been known to binge on cookies and chocolate, so if you have a sweet tooth like me or a tendency to eat more than “one” cookie, there is a way to still indulge your sweet tooth knowing that it is delicious and nutritious.  I have spent years sifting through recipes and replacing my cookbooks and dessert recipes and have compiled the recipes in this guide to share with you.  It has helped to keep me away from baking cookies or eating sickly chocolate bars.

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