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We hear a lot of buzz in the Spring to detox but the Fall is an equally important time to do a cleanse.

fall detox    Why?

It’s a natural time of transition. Use this time to reset your body and mind and prime your system for a winter of wellness. After a playful summer, loosened rules and routines, kickin’ back and relaxing, September is all about action – back into high gear with kids back to school, routines and sports. WHEW, Busy Mama, let’s slow down a little this fall and restore that mind and body of yours with some detoxing.

According to Ayurvedic theory, by the time autumn rolls around we have accumulated plenty of heat in our tissues from the summer and we need to recognize this and deal with it before it turns into mental and physical burnout (which can lead to colds, flues, instability and anxiety…sounds like fun, huh?)

So, what can you do this fall that is different from last fall?

1.  As hard as it may seem, Busy Mama….you need to slow down. Yep, take your foot off the gas pedal. Perhaps go the speed limit and take time to check in with the scenery around you!

Slowing down supports your liver’s natural ability to remove toxins from the body. Remember that the liver is the body’s natural detoxifier (it processes the foods, drinks, drugs, chemicals you breathe and put on your skin etc.). When that liver gets overloaded you can get migraines, rashes, irritable, angry, tired, sick and gain or lose too much weight. I don’t think you want all this TOXIC SLUDGE in your body, so remind yourself to slow down.

What steps can you take to slow down?  Adjusting your habits just a little can have a major impact on your health. Take a moment to write down a few things that you will slow down, for example, how you will relax when you are eating so that you will actually taste your food. Will you notice your breath and where it’s going in your body? Will you take a moment in your day to stretch, walk or do something physically active? Will you learn to say “no” to things you really don’t want to do?

2. What’s going on in that head of yours?

I know a lot of detoxes focus on food, but not the Busy Mama Detox. Besides providing menus and healthy detoxing tips, we know that to be successful you need to be aware of the mumbo-jumbo that’s going on inside of you.  An overactive mind, habitual rushing, multitasking, negative thoughts and more can lead to an overtaxed mind and nervous system which can lead to adrenal fatigue, insomnia, irregular menstrual cycles, indigestions and unwelcome weight gain.

Check in with yourself and see what’s going on upstairs. I know you might want to ignore it, but pull it out, dust it off and get real with yourself. Let your light shine!

 3. Detox your Diet

It’s time to pay attention to what you are putting in your mouth and how it is making you feel. Are you nourishing your body with healthy, cleansing foods?

During the Busy Mama Detox you will gradually make shifts towards healthier eating which will then become habits and part of your normal routine…your Busy Mama Mind & Body will be loving this!!

Try out the 3 day Busy Mama Mini complimentary detox by signing up at

To get you going, enjoy a glass of water upon waking each and every morning, then indulge in a detoxifying homemade juice or smoothie (skip the dairy and keep it green!! Check out the many recipes at )

4. Why am I doing this?

When you interrupt your normal patterns by cleansing your mind and body, it gives you time for self-reflection.  You become aware of what you are eating and why. Your addictions. Your coping strategies. And more. What is your motivation to start a detox – better health, better sleeps, more energy, a simpler life, more patience – whatever your reason, write it down and use it for intrinsic motivation when the going gets tough. Studies show that extrinsic motivation, like losing weight, will not last, so dig a little deeper than your scale and measuring tape.

I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of the 12 week Busy Mama Detox Program starting Sept 21, 2014. To register email  Register before Sept 6th and receive a jumpstart on your detox! Refer a friend receive a BONUS gift.

Busy Mama Fall Program 2014 poster

Tanya Morrison is the creator of the Busy Mama Detox which is a 12 week program that runs in January, April and September of each year. To find out more about this life changing program check out the testimonials and information at


The Busy Mama Detox Program


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